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  The dark eyes of the Librarian sparkled with joy.   Of course! But be aware, there is much to tell. So I will only give you some small information. If you're interested in more, you may tell me.   The old man clears his throat, then he grabbed a huge book with golden letters and a soft gleam. For a while he was murmuring while he searched the right passage, then began to read:  
Andara, 'The Second', named to be the second earth, a second chance to keep humanity alive     Andara, as the humans called this planet, is a bright world full of life.     Million different flowers and animals, even a few intelligent races inhabit this place. Some went extinct millions of years ago, some other spread over the planet like a plague.     Beautiful dales enclose the higher areas of the landmass, even a small desert is part of the environment. Many streams are flowing through the land and a wide range of trees are spreading over the landscape. Even some islands are part of Andara.     The climate is warm in summer and chilly in winter - there is no snow or ice, except of some small spot in the north called The Frozen Hell, where the cold, icy winds of the north break right before the mountain line.     Now, in year 3038 after the landing, there are about 1 million humans living in Andara. The numbers of the other races are unknown.
  He turned the page, murmured something about many places to see and starts to read again with his skillful voice.  
Andara is a small planet which doesn't have much landmass - there's only one known continent with four isles so far. Nobody has ever managed to cross the sea, since dangerous monsters crash every ship and vehicle which has the courage to try exploring.   The land itself is hilly, with mountains in the north called the Hinnon Mountains, the Fin Mountains and Heaven's Merlon. In the south, right on the tip of Vidar's Shoe there's another mountain top, which is called Vidar's Toes.       Hinnon Mountains   This is where the Dhorg live. Deep in the guts of the mountain they are digging and crawling through the stone in search of the The Heart of The World, which no one outside of the Dhorg has an idea about what that possibly can be. It's a long chain of mountains, departing the Kirinn Dale with the Snake's Dale.         Fin Mountains   The Fin Mountains reminded the first Andarian of fins they knew from sea animals back home on earth. Seen from afar, you could imagine them to be a school of dolphins, swimming through a cloud of mist.       Heaven's Merlon   Heaven's Merlon is the highest point of Andara. Only ambitious climbers will get to the top, since it's not only very dangerous, the air gets thinner the more height you reach. There is some legend about an entity living here.       Vidar's Toes   Vidar's Toes got their name from their location - the whole landmass in the south looks like a big shoe, which ends in a chain of mountains, marking the toes of the shoe. The whole area is more a wasteland than a habitable area, but there are people nonetheless living their simple life there.       Mananthena and Landing's Height One unnatural elevation isn't mentioned yet and for Andarians it's a shame to talk about it. By now the reason for that is long forgotten, but people look right through the remains of Mananthena, a strange, forbidden thing right next to a height called Landing's Height and the abandoned City of Mananthena (which is named after the former described remains).   Some strange magic seems to work here and it's strictly forbidden to come near that places.   Landing's Height is said that the Ancient's created humans on this exact spot. They were just falling out of the sky, wandering on the surface of Andaria since.
  Again he turned the page and blew some imaginary dust away.  
The Plains Between the mountains is a great variety of dales, plateaus and plains.     The Six Fingers   The first area the Andarians used to settle down, was right at one of the fingers in the west of Andara. Broad Streams broke through the terrain, making the whole land appear like it's split into fingers. Small forests were providing the first settlers with wood, food and a well-defendable area for the beginning of what became the biggest city of Andara - Aaskord.         The Wetlands   South of the Six Fingers are the Wetlands, a swampy landmass with only a small number of inhabitants. People try to avoid the area, because it's tricky to walk through the moor without sinking in. This often leads to death. Only experienced people know the area well enough, to know where to go.         The Kirinn Dale   No human ever goes to the Kirinn Dale. The home of the Kirinn is forsaken land. Legends say that the Kirinn are killing everybody who enters the area so fast that they don't even notice.   When looking at the Kirinn Dale, you see a huge amount of old trees - older than any other tree seen on Andara. Dark, uprising trunks guard the forest borders. Not a single nut lays around and it seems, like the whole forest is dead.       The Snake's Dale   The Snake's Dale got its name because of the river that snarls itself like a snake through the area. There's no actual danger of snakes in this dale.   The province itself is a natural border between the Dhorg's Territory in the Hinnon Mountains and Heaven's Merlon .       Vidar's Shoe   The whole landmass in the south looks like a big shoe. People named it Vidar's Shoe, because a guy named Vidar was the first one cartographing the area. After he came back, he walked through five pairs of shoes, because the land was so hard to cross. The whole locality is more a wasteland than a habitable area, but there are people nonetheless living their simple life there.         Brand Belt   Hot sun, burning down on one's head, no sweet water in sight... that's a true myth to everyone who knows a bit about climate. Right at the edge of the ocean starts the desert. It's a long, stretched field of sand and hotness, surrounded by the heights of Heaven's Merlon in the background and the Border Forest, which meets the salty ocean.         Fela's Garden   The dale behind Heaven's Merlon is said to be the most beautiful area in Andara. Legend says, that Fela was the one which made peace with the Kirinn 3.000 years ago, before things got complicated again and ended in a war. Legend claims further, that she used to live here with one of the Kirinn.   With her death, in the whole dale all blossoms lost their blossoms as well as trees lost their leafes. This mystery repeats itself every summer.     Border Forest   The greatest forest of whole Andara is definitely the Border Forest. It clings along the The Brand Belt and is connected to the most other provinces on the planet. You can reach Fela's Garden, Heaven's Merlon, The Snake's Dale, The Six Fingers, The Landing's Heigh and Vidar's Shoe from here. Besides the Kirinn Dale, the oldest trees can be found here.   Because of the good opportunity to hide and prepare traps, the Border Forest has a bad reputation. Mostly bandits and outlaws live here and rob everybody trying to geht a way through the dark woods. Besides human dangers there are also beasts hunting for travellers.
  His full voice pauses again, while he turned another page.  
The Islands There are four small landmasses around the main continent of Andara - three small isles in the southeast and one in the high north, a cold bunch of snowy isles connected with icy bridges.       Hapisa   The smallest isle of Andara (besides the frozen hell, which is by definition a dozen of isles connected to each other) is called Hapisa. it's a desert-like island used as a prison. The isle is used for the production of salt and glass. There's only one city on the island called Lytuf.       Isle of Wolves   Some brave adventurer in the old days discovered the Isle of Wolves. The whole island was inhabited by strange wolves, which couldn't leave the island. They used to live in the stony heights in the center of the isle, where only bushes and small trees were growing. It's unclear to humans, how they survived with not much options for food.   But still today the biggest part of the island still belongs to the wolves. Only in the area near the beach toward the Brand Belt, humans built a small town. The inhabitants have the task to control the amount of wolves. Fine fur works are made here for a reasonable price.     Dragon's Isle   The Dragon's Isle has its name because of its shape. There's not much to find here besides heat and jungle, poisonous and venomous animals and a strange species, which called themselves "Ganoks". They seem to be some kind of huge frogs with four limbs, equipped with skilled and long fingers. Ganoks are said to be very talented with prestidigitative works and great healers.       Frozen Hell   The Frozen Hell isn't just one island - it's a whole bunch of islands connected with small bridges of ice, which were made from the ice barbarians living there, separated from nearly all other inhabitants. At least as long as they're not raiding the shores. It's never warm here, nor does the ice melt. It's like its name suggested, a frozen hell.   There are legends from the ice barbarians, that one great man was casted out here to die. Out of his will he created companions to crush the mountains and take revenge on the humans. Legends claim further, that the day will come, when the gift of the cold gods will fall down from the sky, kill the bravest barbarian and bring him back to life.
  "Now you know a lot about the provinces and landmarks of Andara. Of course there's some more information about Andara. Let me tell you more about resources", he tells you while he turned a few pages at once.  
Natural Resources   The natural ressources on Andara are quite enormous, when it comes to woods or fertile plains, but very poor on metal. Since the The Dhorg are living stone, many of them are made of other resources like metal, gold, platinum, silver or copper, mostly mixed with stone. The more pure a Dhorg is of one material, the more honored he is by its brothers and sisters.   There are rumors about Dhorgs made of diamond or other precious gems. To get those ressources, you need to kill one of the Dhorg, which could start a war in an instand. Since Dhorg aren't easy to kill, this could end in an genocide.
  He looks at you with an apologetic look. "That's all I have about that in my book of memories. But my mind is lacking. I may remember something more at another time. Let me continue with something I can tell you more about."  
The Inhabitants   The most intelligent local lifeforms on Andara are the Kirinn, the Dhorg and the Fyrias. There are some minor species as well, which are spread over different parts of the continent. Later the humans arrived. Former terrans started soon to identify themselves as Andarians.       The Kirinn   Kirinn are some kind of Treesingers. Their bodyshape is reminiscent to human beings, with long legs and arms and a head on top of a long, stretched body, although they have different numbers of limbs. Their skin looks like the bark of the tree they're living on. Only eyes are sticking out of their faces - no mouth, no nose.       The Dhorg   The Dhorg are more like the stoney ground under your feet or the rocky walls around you. They seem to change their appearance at will, but their mass seems to be fixed so they can't expand endlessly. For some reasons they took the humans as model and appear mostly like a small, bully looking version of a human. They look muscular, with skin like old, weathered stone and they have piercing little eyes, darker than anything else.         The Fyrias   Fyrias on the other hand can best be described like little wind elementars with tiny, shiny wings. Sunlight breaks in it and let it sparkle like a million little diamonds. Their body seems to be a swirling mist without any limbs.     The Andarians   Besides that there are, of course, the Andarians. Humans, which crashed on the planets a thousand years ago. Once they realized, that their spaceship can't be repaired, they started to settle here, gave the planet a name and spread soon over the landscape. Cities rose like little flowers, civilizations developed from around 500 settlers.
  That's what I know for now. Every time I remember something, I write it in this book. Do you want to know something more about one of the things I read?


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