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Tolorian Horn Decorations

Tolorians from every walk of life take special care to make their horns presentable. Long, intricately curved horns are a sign of social status and from childhood their horns are shaped. The rich or those particularly adept at magic use those skills to grow the horns longer, thicker, or just more intricately. As Tolorians age their horns still grow but not with nearly the same speed so childhood horn development is essential for the best possible horns.   After horn growth has slowed they are decorated. Tolorians that do not engage in much manual labor are able to hang chains and other decorations that would get in the way for soldiers or others that need to be sure their decorations do not catch on things. Many drill small holes through their horns to facilitate attachment of the decorations. Fine chains and jewels are the most prized decorations but others use flowers or feathers to cheaply decorate themselves.   Some soldiers will use trophies from their kills, including teeth and other body parts, in decorating themselves. The reverence for martial endeavors in Tolorian society keeps this from being seen as unacceptably grotestue but is generally only really appreciated within military circles.   Tolorian horns are incredibly tough and fracture is extremely uncommon except for deliberate acts of mutiliation. No Tolorian organization engages in horn mutilation, with the government favoring exile for extreme troublemakers. Most groups, including the military, favor expulsion over harsh punishment. Tolorians with broken horns are treated with sympathy and are generally seen as either victims or military heroes depending on the cause. Scuffs, chips, and ridges are more common but are usually buffed out during routine horn maintenence.   Unlike the behavior seen in non-sapients Tolorian horns do not appear to have served any evolutionary purpose and, aside from aesthetics and markers of status, do not serve any purpose in sexual selection and there is no indication that they have ever been anything more than decoration.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
6 May, 2021 15:52

Interesting article. I would add a quick description of what the Tolorians look like at the start of the article and also the number of horns they have and where they are located.   What happens to people who get their horn damaged or destroyed? Are they shunned? Do they have some kind of replacement they can wear?

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10 May, 2021 23:44

Intresting read. Quite a nice idea to have the horns be decorated in so many forms and be a sign of social status.   There are some very long sentences here and so perhaps it would be better to split them up to make them more readable :) Other than that nice article already

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18 May, 2021 12:28

Cool! I like this little pocket of detail in your article about traditional dress and a fun take on the challenge.

20 May, 2021 07:43

I've always loved the idea of creating these kind of decorations and accessories for species with horns. It seems like something that would happen. I love to see it, and this is a real neat one with the trophies on the end. :)   Very well done :D   I would perhaps suggest adding a blocklink to Tolorians in the side panel, so people who are not familiar with the phrase can get a snapshot idea of who they are (and a link to go read more about them!)

Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
31 May, 2021 18:13

I like this article, but I would add some history and a bit of informatiuon. You mention interesting aspects like "Decorating the horn" and "use as trophies" but I would love to know why. Is there an innate wealth to these and if so, how is it done? Otherwise, great article.

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