The Noble Whites

The Intergalactic Council of Peacekeepers (IGCP) — the ruling body of the known universe — is comprised of the oldest being of each species, known as the Peacekeepers. Chief among them is a group known as the Noble Whites: members so old that they have completely lost all color/pigment which inspires their name. Most have gone blind, many are losing their hearing, and some find it difficult to even walk. This has provoked controversy over whether they should be allowed to continue to govern. Though their bodies might be slowing down, many dispute these arguments. Their minds remain intact and their wisdom and experience are needed to maintain the peace they’ve watched over for generations.   The Noble Whites are so old in fact that no one, outside a select few, knows how old they really are. This has led to a variety of stories being spread and legends being formed around the group, including the idea of them being the original creatures crafted by Miltiades the Maker and the Ancients in the myths. Conspiracy groups try to link each of the Noble Whites to a definitive starting point, tying them to obscure historical events, pictures and tapestries, and the myths told by locals about heroes and leaders.   Adding to the mystery that shrouds them, many have become reclusive. Hiding themselves away on their home worlds and rarely, if ever, being seen at council meetings or outside of their homes. Some have disappeared entirely, leaving the rest to wonder if they're still alive or merely carrying on in total solitude.   As the oldest of the Peacekeepers they are often looked to in times of strife, their long lives giving them a wealth of experience to draw from. Their strong wills and level mindedness under pressure make them strategic masters, leading at the front of the Council with persuasive speeches and firm morals.   Once a large group, the Noble Whites' numbers have dwindled over the years, leaving only a handful by comparison. Few Peacekeepers live long enough to count themselves among their number, and many believe that the Noble Whites will soon fade into history.
Civic, Honorific
Alternative Naming
White Peacekeepers
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