Keepers of Peace

A group formed soon after the establishment of the Intergalactic Council of Peacekeepers, the Keepers of Peace were originally needed to protect the Peacekeepers from assassinations and rogue organizations that were much more plentiful back before the treaties had become well established.
These days the Keepers are mostly used as bodyguards during travel, protecting their charges against wild beasts and the occasional demon, warding off threats of attack from thieves, bandits, and whatever else might threaten them in their location.
The Keepers are often selected from high ranking military officials and those with high accomplishments. The Peacekeepers preferring to surround themselves with the strongest of their species, however it's not uncommon to find them guarded by any of the local species or a random warrior hired from one of the major spaceports.


The High Keeper - The leader of the Keepers, it falls on the High Keeper to maintain the locations and responsibilities of each of them. They assign new protectors to the Peacekeepers and approve the retirement of old Keepers. If a Peacekeeper chooses their own Keeper then their selection goes to them and they must approve them. A mostly honorary role as the Keepers mostly stick to their Peacekeepers and do whatever is asked of them, the High Keeper almost never having to step in and assign new protectors or remove a Keeper from their position.

Public Agenda

To provide protection for the Peacekeepers and make sure no harm comes to them or that they die. Additionally they are occasionally sent on missions by their Peacekeeper to aid in protection of an area, deliver an important message, or whatever their Peacekeepers might decide they need them to do.

To keep the Peace, even our lives will be given

Founding Date
Military, Special Operations Force
Alternative Names
Training Level
Veterancy Level


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