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Laridien was the second human kingdom to appear on the Deklonian continent, situated in the central plains and foothills of the landmass. Settlers first arrived in the year 1559, fleeing ethnic persecution in their native land of Tokern. For centuries, Laridien has played a pivotal role in the economy and culture of the continent. Though somewhat diminished during the Lamorien Empire's occupation, Laridien now shines as the brightest jewel in Halmar's imperial crown.  
A political map of Laridien, including regions, major rivers, cities, and towns.


An excerpt from "Religion and Culture in Anatéli"   "Following the great rift of Tokérn, the descendants of Govannyð struck out across the sea to write a story of their own, preserving and expanding the culture they had shared in the fatherland. Eventually reaching the new Deklonian Continent, the Govanites disembarked on its central shores. They called the new country Laridia after their leader Laridos, and they began to call themselves Laridian. Fortunately for the immigrants, the Laridian soil was quite fertile and a strong agricultural economy was established within a few years of their arrival. The most successful Laridian settlements by far were those built along the Anwen river, becoming the core of the burgeoning nation. The river allowed for faster transportation of people and goods between settlements and formed a common culture of its own, centered around river trade."   An excerpt from "An Abridged History of Tokérnic Man"   "..The Govanites traveled east across the sea until they reached the Augen Frira, the stopping rocks, which lay along the north Deklonian continent. They followed the shoreline south until the land was easily accessible. Over the next two centuries, the Govanites would settle the entire midland of Deklonia... In the south, the Laridian Govanites prospered. The river Anwen made it possible for rich trade in and out of Laridia, even deep into the mainland. Trade routes stretched from the Idnoquali tribes and nations to the great sea-empire of the Fair Folk in the southeast.

Demography and Population

The rural population of Laridia is overwhelmingly composed of native Laridians. However, large cities such as Ios and Arosdor boast sizable populations of those with Bélirian, Entilon, Remorian, Idenian, and Norenimian ancestry. Small communities of Idnoqual are also known to inhabit port cities. Though no official numbers exist regarding the presence of elves in Laridia, it is assumed that a significant number still reside there in secret.

Agriculture & Industry

Laridia is the grain basket of the Halmaric Empire, a vital province in providing food and horses to the further reaches of the empire. In addition, mining and logging operations in the mountainous eastern region provide raw materials which are sold and shipped to where they can be refined and used throughout the empire.

Trade & Transport

Domestic trade is mainly conducted on the rivers which cross through the country, the most prominent being the Anwen and Gladrush rivers. In addition to river trade, there is a network of roads which allows for trade and transport further inland when necessary.   Foreign trade is conducted primarily with the idnoquali kingdoms to the west, across the sea. While trade between them has gone on for centuries, recent Imperial protection of the shipping lanes has caused trade to flourish without the threat of pirates.

"Veyit fauriké, gekring lu. Veyit shleké, cingekring lu."

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Province
Alternative Names
Raigen Laridoniri
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Feudal state
The Halmaric Frénolt
Parent Organization
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

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