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Year 2406

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The third-created world, Anatéli was the pinnacle of Ven Létinor's creation. In its infancy, it was a paradise unmatched in splendor. But that peace was not to last. In rebellion against his creator, the great dragon Sfindra tainted the world's white blanket with his dark stain. War followed, as Sfindra and his sister Thundra fought fiercely in the skies and many perished in the flames. After many years, Sfindra lay defeated in the fields of Ivalion, his bones scattered on the plain. Though light remained victorious, Sfindra's darkness could not be expunged.   In time, men arrived from Ivalion by unknown means. They came and made Anatéli their home, though not all were pleased with their coming. For many years, men and mele made their war. In time, men gained the respect of the other peoples, but they did not forget the past and many remain resentful. Tensions now rise as petty disputes turn into deadly threats. Anatéli's future already hangs on the edge of a knife, its people unprepared for the evil that would destroy them in their disunion and naïvety.