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Eirian is the oldest human settlement on the continent of Anarill. Roughly three thousand years before the time of Bard Sylvan and Prince Kirel, several ships fleeing the destruction of their homeland followed the guidance of their Goddess, now known as the First Goddess, across the great World Ocean. They reached the new continent safely and found a decent natural harbor where a large river opened out into the sea. There they landed and began to settle in... only to find out that their new home was already populated by creatures born from purest magic. People from Earth would recognize some of the beings from mythology. People from the shattered land had never expected to see such strange life forms. They didn't even have names for the beings at first, but soon learned how to communicate with them, and how to accept them as people. The magical races welcomed their human guests and helped build a great city from stone, ushering in the First Age of Anarill.  When the Great War consumed the land and ended the Age, Eirian survived. Barely. But the humans broke the covenant that had formerly kept things civil between human and non-human and cleared the forest of Great Trees, leaving only a single survivor in the middle of Eirian. The poor survivor went mad without the companionship of her native forest. But the city grew and thrived.  The followers of the First Goddess fell out of favor with the public, and hid themselves away, keeping their knowledge to themselves. If one is lucky enough to enjoy their favor, one might access records stretching all the way back to the Founding, and even before. But for the most part, the priestesses remain aloof from the rest of humanity, and keep their histories to themselves.
Eirian had a rather complex layout, comprised of assorted circles and other geometric designs shaped into connecting districts, so one wouldn't necessarily reach one's destination easily by guessing.

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