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The Deeps

The Deeps, the endless caverns that lay underneath the surface of Anacharia. Ancient beyond time, beyond even the creation of the Gods themselves, legends say they are the remnants of Danu's previous attempt at creation in the world. Others claim it is from the earliest ages of the world, before the Gods fought the Demons and sealed them away. Others claim it is the remnants of the ancient Xholtic civilization.   Regardless of what legends are true, the Deeps still hold a mystery beyond imagination. Ancient ruins, endless tunnels both natural and those created by diggers. The Deeps hold the vast breadth of Anacharia's mystery, and the near entirety of it's wealth. Seemingly endless strips of gold, gems and other treasures lie in the stone below. For those Kings above who bathe in riches, this is their origin.   Whatever other beings may have occupied it in past eras are now gone, without so much as skeletons having been found to determine their existence. Currently it is occupied primarily by the Dwarves, great miners, builders and smiths. They are the ones who stride ever deeper, expanding the tunnels, building vast underground cities and forts, burrowing into the earth and bringing forth it's bounty. Living among them are the Deep Elves, so named for their choice of residency. They live among the Dwarves peacefully, being supplied with metals and gems and in return bringing forth great works of smithing. Thirdly there are those they call the Dark Elves, largely regarded as Evil beings by all around them. They hunt down those Deep Elves who yet live, often coming to conflict with their Dwarven friends and allies.   The Deeps hold many secrets, both discovered and undiscovered, but it also holds it's share of dangers. For it was from the Deeps that the Nameless Demon came forth, having been freed by Dwarven explorers who dug too deep. He was not the only monster released that day, and now in the dark places of the world, monsters lurk in the shadows. Monsters that the surface could not even begin to imagine. Terrors of the Demonic and Undead. Beings whose hunger for flesh is seemingly insatiable. No-one travels alone in The Deeps, not unless they wish to die in darkness...


The Deeps stretch over all Anacharia, from the Northern Border Mountains all the way to the Southern Badlands. Their expanse and depth is immeasurable. The deepest known cavern runs nearly eight miles underneath the sealevel. Entrances are many in the mountains, but scarce anywhere else, for it is usually the Dwarves who upkeep these entrances, and flatlands do not entice them to exits make.

Natural Resources

The Deeps are where the entirety of Anacharia's Metals, Gems and ores come from. From simple coal to shining silver, the Deeps are the only source of it in the land.
Alternative Name(s)
The Underland.
Cave System

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