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Blood Marsh

The Blood Marsh is a foul marshland that legends say was the result of the bloodiest battle of the Greenskin war. The final battle of the war that banished The Great Demon and broke the Greenskins momentum, marking the turn in the war for the Allied Races, and the begging of the end of the war itself. Without their proper leader, the Greenskin factions devolved into a rabble that fought each other as much as the Allied races.   The blood marsh was formed during that week of brutal fighting, that resulted in many millions of deaths over the expansive land. The blood of those fallen warriors soaked the earth, forming the wetlands not through water, but through blood. Thus the Blood Marsh was born. To this day the wetlands remains just as it was three thousand years ago, the water red, though now no longer blood, though tasting of it, as though the rains over the years have only diluted the bloody marsh instead of cleansing it of the infection.   Legend says the Marsh is haunted by the souls of those who's blood helped to form it, a last curse from The Great Demon to trap them there for eternity. Whether these rumors are true or not is hard to say, but no-one who enters the Blood Marsh is ever quite the same once they leave.   Many treasure hunters scour the Blood Marsh for weapons of old, those pieces of weaponry or armor that bore magick still buried in the earth, sunken into the waters. Many a great hero fell in the battle, and many a great weapon or suit of armor with them. Many have also been recovered, indeed the Royal Axe of the Nur Konig, or Nord King was rescued from the depths of the swamp many generations ago, as it was long since lost by the first Nur Konig.   Finally it is said that because this places marks the banishment of The Great Demon, it will also be the place he will return, should such a thing ever happen. For this reason, Kingdoms of men, Elves, Dwarves and even Xholtic Tribes keep watch over the Marsh, their watchmen sworn by a treaty to be immune from any kind of war or conflict. It is one of the few treaties of old still honored by all sides, for everyone knows what the return of The Great Demon may bring forth.


Flat and spotted by the occasional bramblethorn plants, the marsh is mostly standard, but instead of muddy or murky waters, the water is blood-red, and smells of death. No grass grows in this land, only the red, prickly bramblethorn plants, inedible even by Greenskins. For this reason there is no life in the marsh, only dead silence broken by the occasional gust of wind or rustle of dry thorns. The effect is eerie to say the least, and many who spend too long in the marsh come out changed.   The marsh stretches over one hundred miles across in all directions, and littered about it are rusted remains of ancient weapons, even a ruin dotting the landscape here or there. These ruins providing the only shelter from the torrential rains that plague the Marsh year round. Never a clear day is had on the plain, if it's not fog it's rain, if it's not rain it's fog. Swirling mists that dot the landscape and are often thought to form into the shapes of faces, only to dissipate before a second look can be taken.

Flora & Fauna

Bramblethorn plant.   Bramblethorn takes the form of a bush, red, twisted and thick, without leaves but instead made of tough, wood-like vines that stick up into the air. They grow between waist-high to a human, and head height to a human, though some extremely large specimens have been found that near ten feet in height.   The branches as it were, are covered in long, sharp thorns that easily scratch deep or tear clothes to ribbons. If properly whittled, such branches have great use as torture devices, or to drive cattle with, albeit cruelly. Most find them unpleasant to look at, and avoid them where possible. The branches produce a thick, smelly smoke when burned, and so are not even useful for burning.
Alternative Name(s)
Blood Swamp. Putrid Wetlands. Bloodpools.
Wetland / Swamp

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