Eshtani - Daporilan

The people known as the Eshtani were driven from what was once their homelands in what is now the Freelands in the western hemisphere of the planet Daporilan. They were dispossessed of their ancestral homelands during the days of the Esmond the Pirate King, who performed the only successful full-scale invasion of a continent by pirates in which they set up an anarchical land.   Since their dispossession of their homeland, the Eshtani people have lived a primarily nomadic life with few deciding to settle for long and rarer still for more than one generation. Most of the Eshtani eschew the life of pirates, owing to animosity towards piracy due to the loss of their homeland. Despite this, a few of the Eshtani were serving among the crew of Sanos Luong, who would go on to discover and colonize the eastern continent. With this, the Eshtani people encompassed the world.   Within the west, the flourishing of the Eshtani led to concerns among the other peoples who saw their presence growing increasingly persistent and pervasive through the influx of greater numbers. Eventually, many of the nations came to realize that this was due to the increase in their population as a whole rather than their being driven to their lands in particular. The native peoples of the various western nations became concerned that they might be washed away in a wave of Eshtani young in the generations to come. Due to this, the Eshtani in the western hemisphere periodically faces violent repercussions in response to their increasing numbers.   Even those that followed Sanos refrained from attempting to found a new homeland or settling in those made by others. Instead, the eastern Eshtani lived as frontiersmen, broadening the borders of settled lands and acquiring knowledge of how to live in them to pass on to those that would follow in their steps. Unlike the western, the eastern Eshtani do not bear the stigma associated with their counterparts, having earned the respect of the nations in which they operate.   The eastern Eshtani traverse between the hemispheres of Daporilan as traders, ferrying across rare and exotic goods between the two. Due to this, the Eshtani are revered by the people residing within the realm of the Theocracy of Drenna, whose religion is based around the peddling of exotic and otherwise unknown and untold goods brought from the east. The reverence and regard for the eastern Eshtani among the people of Drenna do not extend to their western counterparts, who share neither the utility nor history of their eastern brethren.   The majority of the rare instances in which an Eshtani individual or group have settled into one place for an extended period of time is within the Drakling Empire as Merchant Barons/Baronesses and their extended families or retinue. Most of these rotate between families or groups who lose and gain the rank as their mercantile operations ebb and flows. The one standout is the family of Salinas, which has for several generations held the rank of Baron/Baroness of Draken Dale.


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