Asparte City

Asparte, the city of valor! Historically, Asparte was the first city where humans and Pokémon first lived and fought side by side in the region. The old city has many ruins including the arena used in ancient times for games and competitions. Nowadays, Asparte is the site of both modern Pokémon Battles and competitions known as the Pokéthalon.   The Fighting-type Pokémon Gym overlooks the ancient arena with some of the complex sharing the halls and pathways as the ancient site, most notably the ancient archway that gym challengers must pass through just as ancient warriors did with their partner Pokémon. Gym Leader Mason Warren is a well known figure in the city and often acts as announcer or spokesperson for the Pokéthalon. When he is not a competitor himself, that is.   Rumor has it, back in the day he and Professor Oléa were fierce rivals as trainers before Minerva went into Pokémon research.  


  • Asparte Pokécenter
  • Pokémon Gym (Fighting)
  • Pokéthalon Headquarters
  • Pokéthalon Asparte Arena
  • Achidaran Ranger Lodge #7
  • Ancient Competition Arena
  • Asparte Historical Museum
  • History



  • Mason Warren: Fighting Pokémon expert and Gym Leader
  • Clarisse Warren: Chief Ranger
  • Northern Exit: Achidaran Wilderness
    Southern Exit: Route 4


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