Watchers are medical specialists, able to use a combination of kata, conventional treatments, and surgery to treat, manage, and heal all conditions and injuries. As one of the two most crucial professions in Amnari society, they are considered leaders within their communities, especially those based in local clinics.



Watchers are selected for training at three points, and form three distinct groups. The first group are children between the ages of three and five, identified as having an intense capacity to work with biological/medical kata by the Samedim Ishcavei. This group, included children identified as capable of training to be Lesser Servants, begin their training at five at the Am Rune Academy.   A second group are identified around the age of twelve to thirteen. As the ability to use kata can develop at different stages, the Samedim Ishcavei continue to assess the ability of children up to the age of eighteen. This group trains on a separate track to the first, to enable them to "catch up" with the first group and ensure they do not miss out on any educational opportunities.   A third group of Watchers are those who train as adults. This is extremely rare, but as Amnari engage more with non-Amnari cultures, mixed-race children are often identified much later in life. The training for this group is conducted at Am Rune, individualised to ensure that the best skills are honed and developed.   In order to practice, Watchers must attain:   Graduate Qualification from Am Rune Postgraduate Qualification from Am Rune and/or Amin Duum (depending on specialism) Bala Dura

Career Progression

All Watchers begin with the title of Graduate Watcher at the age of 21, after the completion of their Bala Dura. Training continues at this level for up to three years, before they are assessed to progress to Duty Watcher. This enables them to train graduates, experiment with different specialisms and disciplines. Further progression is as follows:  
  • Duty Watcher: cohort training and work; Duty Desk shifts;
  • Senior Duty Watcher: managing their cohort of Duty Watchers; Duty Desk management; training Duty/Graduate Watchers; research;
  • Master Watcher: surgery; ward management; infirmary management; advanced treatment plans; advanced research;
  • Senior Master Watcher: infirmary control and management; advanced surgery; advanced research; advanced treatment plans.
Individuals are able to halt their progression at any point, or pause it for health concerns or child-bearing and child-care, at any point.   Those who reach the level of Senior Master in any state are eligible to become First High Watcher for that state.

Other Benefits

Along with Warriors, Watchers are considered the most important of all Amnari professions. All Watchers are eligible for free movement throughout every Amnari state, every Holy Complex, and have the right to stay in any Dormitory when travelling. They are also eligible for free transport between Amnari city states and allied cities.


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