The God Machine

The God Machine is a device of unknown origin, first discovered during the Era of the Five Empires, believed to be the artifact over which the Last War and The Gap War were fought. Research into the Machine is highly restricted, owing to the risks associated with approaching it. Its current location is unknown, although it is believed to be in the possession of High Ashad Isha, and under the guard of the Adi Niha Talija.


Evidence of the existence of a device that could transform Humans into gods, or god-like beings, can be found at a number of Keshwari ruins, as well as active locations such as the Temples Red and Blue, and some of the oldest parts of the Amin Duum Holy Complex. This evidence came in two forms: 1. pictorial; and 2. descriptive.


Many of the pillars and walls of the Temples Red and Blue feature friezes in bas relief showing a Machine that could be entered from the top, submerging victims and transforming them into either what have been interpreted as "gods" or "monsters". There is some debate over whether these two types should be treated as truly distinct, as many of the creatures emerging from the Machine after submersion appear to share characteristics.

The species that enter the Machine are always Human, but the figures that emerge at the end of the story friezes frequently have multiple limbs or eyes, or are not recognisably human at all. Attempts to create a taxonomy of such creatures have thus far failed and are the subject of vigorous debate among experts.

Textual Evidence

Textual descriptions of a "God Machine" have been found in a few late-Imperial period Keshwari documents. These form two categories: military; and religious. The former category deal primarily with the defence of the Central Tir, referencing a "God Machine" that had to be protected or moved in order to ensure its protection or defence. There appears to have been a great deal of effort expended on the part of the Keshwari during the Last War to keep this device at some distance from the frontlines.

Religious documentation is more sparse, and difficult to interpret. This is partly due to an incomplete knowledge of Keshwari language forms used in its writing. Priestly scribes used a specific form of notation, especially when referring to any Keshwari religious technology, which is particularly difficult to parse or translate in any convincing manner. Some documents point to a selection process for those deemed of sufficient religious purity to either use the Machine or guard it. The extent to which the God Machine was successfully used by the Keshwari is not known.

History, Amnari Period

The history of the God Machine after the end of the Gap War remains murky. It is understood that the God Machine may have remained in Amin Duum for some time following the end of the war but, wishing to ensure that it was not used in the manner of the Keshwari ever again, High Ashad Isha moved it to another location and kept it under strict guard. Whether it is even functional, or still exists, is not currently known.

Item type
Unique Artifact
Creation Date
Unknown (Pre-EFA)
Current Location
Current Holder
Raw materials & Components
The base materials that make up the Machine are bronze and glass. Both appear to have been infused with some kind of Ana which activates the kata and ana elements, enabling the Machine to function.


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