The Gap War

The Gap War refers to the series of events that led to the final collapse of the Five Empires, and marks the start of the Amnari Alliance.

The Conflict


The Five Empires had previously been involved in a series of conflicts over territory, power, and control of kata technology. After Isha became a Black God and first began to work with the First Five Tribes, the Slave King, and the Enslaved Races, the empires united in order to capture her and take her power. Initially, they attempted to use artificially-engineered beings, known as Shades, a method that had worked during their wars with each other. However, this failed when the Shades turned against the empires under their leader, when Isha persuaded them to turn aside. Isha had taken shelter in the caves of the Tir Dumke, and in a last ditch attempt to reach and assassinate her, the five empires called upon their master scientist, Tallat, who was able to rip a hole in reality to get at her in the caves themselves. This failed, instead creating a rip between the Dragon and Human worlds. The Five Empires believed an outpouring of creatures from the Dragon World would result in Isha's death.


The main conflict takes place along the Tir Dumke (River Duma), in the central Keshwari Territories, both inside the cave system and the river valley itself.


The conditions in the desert were hyper-arid and incredibly difficult, especially for the Basti armies unfamiliar with the heat. However, conditions inside the caves were much cooler. The activation of the first Gap triggered a serious instability in the fabric of reality and made the central cave, where Isha's refugees were hiding, extremely dangerous.


In order to protect the Enslaved Races, the refugees hiding in the cave, and the five tribes themselves, Isha was able to encourage the five tribes to establish a formal alliance. Whilst it was temporary in its first iteration, this was a critical moment where the leaders of the Alandahari, Bushu, Caidrin , Taija, and Ishwari realised that working together as a single group was more effective than fighting each other.


Opening the Gap in what would become Amin Duum triggered a long-term instability in the fabric of reality between the Dragon and the Human worlds. Seven Gaps opened in total, which required constant effort to prevent the various creatures breaking through getting into the Human world and causing chaos.

Historical Significance


This conflict led to the final collapse of the Five Empires, the Foundation of Amnar, and the fundamental instability between the Human and Dragon worlds.

In Literature

The events of the Gap War are recorded in the Taijis Nil of every Amnari city. The Foundation Story, focusing on Isha's role in ensuring the protection of the Enslaved Races and the Five Tribes, is a critical part of Amnari mythology and told most frequently to young children. Aspects of it are repeated during festivals, and it is created by cohorts during the Dura portion of the Bala Dura.
Conflict Type
Ending Date
Conflict Result
The Foundation of Amnar


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