Slate Zero

Slate Zero is the term given to the first Slate known to have been infected with the Anarchus 2 Virus. Anarchus 2 was believed to have been developed by a group working for the Congress of Stom. The purpose of the Anarchus viruses was to infect Slates owned by Amnari Watchers working out of the small clinic at Reinkäyl, and then spread into the wider Amnari communities to the south.   Once an individual's Slate was infected, the owner would initially be more sympathetic to Stomish ideas. If the progression of the virus was not halted in time, the individual would eventually become completely fixated on supporting the Stom, including spreading the infection to other Slates and individuals via the Amnet within Amnari Bubbles.


Slate Zero was a proof of concept, that an infection or corruption could be introduced onto a Slate, and thus infect the mind of the possessor. It demonstrated that there was a potential weakness in the relationship between Amnari and their Slates, which could be exploited by those with hostile intentions.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Creation Date
After 4634
Destruction Date
Subtype / Model
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Owning Organization
Slate Zero is unique. Attempting to modify or corrupt the technology underlying Slates proved to be exceptionally difficult. It required the acquisition of a large number of Slates, all of which had to be stolen from Amnari territories. It is believed that the original intention was to infect a large quantity of Slates, which could then be sent back into the various Amnari territories and spread an infection more quickly. However, it proved to be so difficult to introduce a virus or other form of corruption onto the Slate that in the end, only one was used and then successfully deposited into Reinkäyl.


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