Kata-metastasis is an aggressive form of cancer caused by excessive exposure to loose kata, especially the unstable kata found close to active Gaps. It cannot develop without a pre-existing (non-kata-based) cancer present. However, prolonged exposure to Gaps without effective protection can cause the development of such cancers themselves, which are then worsened by further exposure.


The mechanism for what triggers kata-metastasis in Human cancers is not well understood. It is evident that all Amnari are capable of using kata by breaking nearby or even their own kata-bonds in order to achieve a great many things in a range of fields. It is apparent that this carries some risk, especially if individuals frequently break their own kata-bonds in order to achieve such tasks, rather than making use of the ambient kata in the environment. This can apparently destabilise an individual's kata to such an extent that it either prompts or exacerbates conventional cancers. These can then metastasize with exceptional rapidity if then further exposed to loose kata.

  In recent years, as Amnari interact more with those living outside the Alliance, a few studies have suggested that the prevalence of cancer among Amnari populations is much higher than those living outside Bubbles, and that there are subtypes specific to certain disciplines. This has led to a growing field of comparative studies, keen to identify the risks in setting up external Hubs to power clinics and serve non-Amnari populations. Currently, the risks for those who are neither Amnari nor live in an Amnari territory are considered to be negligible, however.


Kata-metastasis prompts the excessive replication of cells, and the form this takes will depend very much on the underlying cancer. Due to the rapid nature of kata-metastasis, this can result in tumour growth up and through the skin surface for organ cancers, and for dramatic growths on the skin itself for melanomas.   The early symptoms of an underlying cancer remain the same. However, kata-metastasis is evident usually with a loss in the ability to perform conventional duties using kata. A Watcher, for example, would become incapable of any kata-based treatment. This is usually accompanied by rapid weight loss, as the body is metabolised to fuel the spread of the cancer. In the case of some naturally aggressive cancers exacerbated by kata-metastasis, death can result within months or even weeks.


Owing to the nature of the disease, treatments must be carefully controlled. In extreme cases, individuals must be moved as far from the site of an active Gap as possible before treatment can begin. The only recognised form of treatment within Amnari territories is by an Ai Ta Sifra, making use of highly controlled bursts of Ana.
Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species


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