The Amnari Alliance is governed by nine Guardians, referred to as the Ishcai-Capillai. The nine are divided into two groups. The four Anishcai-Capillai are responsible for issues relating to the use of ana and Kata across all seven Amnari city states. The five Kadishcai-Capillai are responsible for day-to-day governance of the academic system (apart from the Seers and Sifradan), Gap Defence, and all auxiliary activities. Together they form the central government of all Amnari city states, although they are intended as guides, leading larger councils composed of the most senior members of professions from the Academic, Guild, and Service Systems.   The Guardians themselves are those who have been shown by the Samedim Ishcavei to have powerful access to either ana (Anishcai-Capillai) or Kata (Kadishcai-Capillai). This grants them exceptionally long life, and other abilities related to their specific field of activity. While there is a selection process, as of 3635 AA/SA it has not been used. The long life of the Guardians has enabled an exceptional stability in the seven Amnari city states, although they are not considered to be rulers but guides and chairs of the councils that run the states together with the most senior Watchers, Warriors, Guild leaders, and Service personnel.



Title Position Holder
First Guardian of All Amnar High Ashad Isha 
Guardian of the Law High Ashad Alix 
Guardian Sifra Ashad Isaka 
Guardian Seer Ashad Irica 


Title Position Holder
Guardian Defender Ashad Amin 
Guardian Watcher Apsilar 
Guardian of the Dragon Realm Icaan 
Guardian of the Amnari Mortals Dai Inaar 
Guardian of the Non-Amnari Mortals Anarya 
Founding Date
100-500 AA/SA
Governmental, Ministry
Alternative Names
Ishcai-Capillai, Anishcai-Capillai, Kadishcai-Capillai
Training Level
Capillai, Capillite, Guardian
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories


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