Amin Duum Holy Complex

The Amin Duum Holy Complex is composed of the Gap Chamber and the various components of its defence. Although initially designed only to manage the defence of the Gap, it also includes administrative, educational, and service facilities to support Gap-related activities. In total, the Holy Complex includes:  
  • Gap Chamber and Gap Complex (Seers’ Office, Medical Support Office)
  • Dedicated Gap and Academic Infirmary
  • Amin Duum Academy and Dormitories
  • Guardian Defender’s Public Chambers
  • Guardian Defender’s Private Chambers
  • Servants’ Hall
  • Taijis Nil
  • Service Kitchen and Support Offices


  The Holy Complex is built into the walls of the southern top of the Duum Canyon. It is composed of the Gap Chamber at the very head behind the waterfall, with the Dedicated Gap and Academic Infirmary and Amin Duum Academy in the West Wall, and the Servants’ Hall, Service Kitchen, Guardian Defender’s Chambers, and the Taijis Nil in the East Wall. The Holy Complex is accessed from the High City via the Taijis Nil and its connected libraries in the East Wall, through the High City Gardens at the head of the canyon, or via the public access to the Amin Duum Academy in the West Wall. Access by the general public is highly restricted at all times.

Purpose / Function

The key purpose of the Holy Complex is Gap Defence, preventing any creatures that break through the Gap when it opens from accessing the Human world. Although initially this was its sole purpose, it has expanded over time to include various support facilities, including governance and administrative offices associated with administration of Amin Duum and its three cities, the allied cities further north along the River Duma (Tir Daala, etc), as well as developing links with surrounding non-Amnari communities.


The Holy Complex was constructed in a series of stages radiating out from the Gap Chamber itself. The earliest sections of the Complex were consciously designed in a new style, with high, vaulted ceilings and wide corridors. A resurgence in the popularity of late Keshwari and Intermediate period design, with heavily decorated flat ceilings and bas reliefs. This style, developed from the Temple Red and Temple Blue on the canyon floor and dating to the late Keshwari period, influenced the design of the Servants’ Hall and Guardian Defender’s Chambers in the East Wall.


The Gap Chamber itself is a vast, natural cavern behind the waterfall itself. Access to the Chamber is restricted to a single tunnel on the western side of the canyon through the Seers’ Office and Prep Room. The Gap opening is positioned over a deep crevasse with an overhanging platform. The Gap itself is continually monitored from a tower behind the platform. The upper room is operated continually by three Seers as a monitoring team, a single Senior Duty Seer (or higher) and two Duties. The lower room is a medical prep room staffed by Watchers with specialisms in Warrior Health and related disciplines.   The platform itself is painted with two lines, the First Position Line and the Second Position Line. Together they are generally known as “The Line”. Defence follows either Standard or Advanced System Six. Warriors spend six hours on shift, for only two to three days a week, with the remaining days in rest and recuperation. Their mental health is continually monitored by the Dedicated Gap and Academic Infirmary. Warriors work in teams of four or six, divided into close-range and long-range specialists. The former stand on the First Position Line and direct combat, while the latter provide support from the Second Position Line. Gaps do not remain open for long periods, but long openings can be forced shut by a Sifra, two of whom remain on standby at all times. Their work supporting the Warriors is limited by the risk of causing the Gap to become unstable and open permanently.


The Gap Chamber itself was originally the cavern where High Ashad Isha hid the refugees to escape the armies of the Five Empires and the Shades during the The Gap War. The Gap opened for the first time inside the cavern, forcing Isha to protect the refugees alone. Isha was eventually able to force the Gap to shut, but this was only temporary. The continual opening of the Gap encouraged her to work quickly with those who had supported her in the initial defence of the refugees to establish formal protocols to ensure the creatures coming through the Gap did not break out into the rest of the world. Gaps began to open in other locations as reality remained unstable.


Access to the Holy Complex is highly restricted, and only those who are of Ta Dasi rank or above are able to move around the Complex freely. All others, including non-Amnari visiting the Guardian Defender’s Chambers for official meetings, must be escorted at all times.
Founding Date
100-1500 AA/SA
Government complex
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
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