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Lycanthrop, god of monsters

Before there was Malar, god of the hunt, there was Aker, god of the hunt. Before Kremer's actions, Aker sat atop the mountains in Kinsgrid, upon his giant Pegasus, Skakerin, which he rode into the hunt. Aker was responsible for the slaying of the god beast, beast made by Gaia and Chaos in order to construct the planet, and fill it with water, stone, plants, etc. The god was punished for his insolence by chaos, who cursed him to only hunt at night, and made any light near him grow dim, making it impossible to see. Despite this set-back, Aker was still skilled enough to hunt, but after Kremer had taken away his concept, he cast his bow aside, which floated across the waves of the leviathan sea and became the World Tree. The god sat at the bottom of the mountain, miserable, but the void intervened. It offered him a glimpse of his old life back, if only he was willing to give up a part of himself. The fallen god thought for a moment, then accepted, vanishing, and is his place, the first monsters were born. He took on the name Lycanthrop afterwards, after he created his first affliction, lycnthropy, and cast it upon the world. With his change he grew unsympathetic, he had given his humanity in exchange for power, and enjoyed every second of it. Over time his created monsters would diverge and evolve into different version, but every unnatural thing in the world, he control one way or another, an if you anger the god, only destruction will be in your future.   Lycanthrop has some holy text, his text being made by his followers from humanoid and draconian skin, creatures he wishes to seize under his control one day. The books go into how to create, hunt, and manipulate his beast, and how to control your own primal power, and unleash it unto the world. Lycanthrop is aware humanity has the power to control is concept already, but he doesn't care, and actively tells people this to further spread destruction throughout the world. People thinking they are gods only to create new monsters, which all fall under Lycanthrops control, one way or another. Lycanthrop, despite being Chaotic evil, is nit quick to kill humanoids, opting instead to manipulate and grant them his "blessing" turning them into monstrosities to spread his will as well.   Lycanthrop does not take physical form, instead opting to possess a monster to deliver his will, only to then kill the creature after his will is delivered. Lycanthrops followers build large settlements around a well preserved statue of what they think the god looks like, decorated in the finest gold and gems. It is said that settlements that get closer to what the god actually looks like in the statues creation are more heavily favored by the god.


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