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Elgarest is a fey touched area of Ammarion that is primarily home to elves, as well as Saytr, Bugbears, and Centaurs. All many of elves live in Elgarest, walking about and bragging in flashy clothing and living in bright, pompous houses. Elgarest is known for its love of high society. Most people in Elgarest act stuck up and snide due to being one of richest territories on Ammarion, third to the Path and The Collective. Most of the creatures and wildlife in Elgarest have some sort of fey ancestry or magic. Everywhere in the territory is filled with tricksy creatures and strange chaotic plants.   Elgarest has a moderate temperature, commonly receiving snow during late fall and winter, but not always. The large mountain in the center of the country and on the northwest are responsible for most of the water in the region. The main reason to come to Elgarest, however, is the large fey are to the north side of the territory. The fey realm leaks into the over-world, with the gate being the world tree in the center of the Feywild lake. The tree is a source of immense magic, and capturing it has the potential to grant great power if one can convince the tree you are worthy.   Elgarest is home to lots of magic masters. Wizards, Clerics, and Sorcerers litter the territory, most from outside, to study in the region the creatures and large magic concentration.   Currently, Elgarest is at war with the Collective in a bloody war. The Elves are managing to push them back for now, but their supplies are being diminished with each passing day, and with the refusal of Kashgar to help, the future looks grim.
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