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All creatures, in their basic parts, are composed of minerals. These minerals are bound together by their essence. Thinking of the minerals as beads, essence is the string running through them. Essence gives the beads structure. The string can exist without the beads and vice versa. However, together they create the building blocks of something greater.
  Now consider that each of the beads are composed of various materials. Some of the beads may be metal or bone. Some might be wooden or even fabric. As essence pulls together the materials, elements are combined. The dirt, metal, and other minerals gathered together can be broken down further. As essence breaks down the minerals to form flesh, the elements within those building blocks are released. Some as a boon, others as a poison.
  While scholars are quick to note the licks of fire or the flowing water that spring from a prick of a quill vary from person to person, few may note the odd varieties of elements that persist in the world. No meaningful record exists that catalogues the variety of conditions. The most monstrous of those known is known as Anisochronosis.
  Anisochronosis is the binding of elemental time with the essence of a being. While often unnoticed, the trauma that may occur within an individual may trigger, as with often elemental manifestations, a spontaneous release. Within a small field, elemental time appears to "renegotiate" the perceived progression of the worldly state. In some instances, those caught in the field are returned to condition that they may have previously experienced. Other times, they may find that they face a sudden fatigue that may stem from the lack of nourishment as though one had fasted for hours or days. It leads one to wonder whether similar events have occurred that have resulted in the spontaneous aging of a child to an adult or adult to a child.
  The symptoms of anisochronosis, as observed by those who manifest a more chronic behavior, appear to be the presence of duplicitousness, or a shadow that emulates behaviors previously performed. Other symptoms include a change in the rate of aging. While normal aging is typified by an essence loses its grasp on the minerals, in these cases the minerals spontaneously decompose. It is generally accepted that those found with the condition will not live a normal life and may endanger those around them.
  There have been reports by those with the condition that they have, on occasion, believe to have been able to predict the outcome of a number of instances. This would be explained by giving them three unknowns and have them correctly identify the resultants when presented. While this peculiarity attracts some attention, it is difficult to validate due to the lack of evidence to support the claim.
  Even the most sage among us believe that elemental time should be left undisturbed due to its chaotic and unforgiving behavior. Though it is a rare condition, there are several known subjects that have been gathered to Isfa to be reordered. It is noted that the best procedure for removing the condition is to locate the offending material component within the body and carve around it. Giving enough birth to the mineral, the essence woven into the mineral will maintain the structure while it is disposed. Disposal requires careful consideration as the effects are still not well understood. Therefore, the offending minerals are to be gathered in a collective and cast away as rapidly as possible.

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