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Amith A myth of Six

Year 17 of Na Seisear

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Before None came one.
None of one, from Six did come.
After one came None.

- First of the Ancients,

The Six have vanished!

All balance of order and chaos have gone with them.

Bedlam sweeps the lands and a great panic besets Man!

Pretender Gods begin to rise,

vying for their place in the now vacant pantheon of Six...

The people of Amith turn to their champions once again!

For once again, Heroes decide the fate of...

The Six!

A new age has dawned, depending on the land you find yourself in, or whose follower you find yourself asking it's the ...

Age of Hope... Reason... Wonder... Freedom...
Age of Evil... Conflict... Decadence... Loss...
Or has it been always the...
Time of Nil?


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