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7/4/3325 D.A.

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Amiras is an ancient world that has gone through numerous cataclysmic events, leaving most of its past behind in shattered ruins and forcing its inhabitants to start over. Initially, the earam dominated this vast world, channeling the naturally occurring catalyst; setis, to build great cities, and power ancient machines and artifacts.
All of Amiras lived in harmony until the dragons appeared through a vast portal, bringing with them their human slaves. Their abilities and knowledge was far greater than any of the existing races of Amiras, enabling the dragons to enslave the earam and terraform the world to suit their own needs.
For many centuries, the dragons ruled Amiras, changing in appearance depending on where they lived, the setis mutating them. The world itself was buckling from the strain the dragons' way of life and exploitation of Amiras' resources. The Goddess saw this and grew angry at the way the dragons treated Her world.
Legend says She manifested on Amiras as a great beast of war and mauled the dragons, shattering their vast cities. The remaining dragons' power was diminished and many grew infertile. The Goddess revived many extinct species and terraformed the world, restoring it to its original state. She was merciful in not wiping the dragons from the world, but would not let any alien creature settle on Amiras ever again. This event is known as The Sundering.
Three millennia after the events of The Sundering, a malign entity has seemingly appeared in The Wastes' eastern half, isolating the vast wastelands from the rest of Amiras. Only time can tell what will come to be.

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