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Candleholder of Rebirth

This ancient relic is a candle holder with 6 empty spots for a candle.  


When a dead person, who's soul is not yet lost, is to be revived using this artifact, one must cut off one of their fingers and place it in the sockets where a candle would go.   Upon lighting this finger with a torch, the finger will burn like a candle. The soul must fight for the way back to the body. Fighting through the veils and curtains, letting go of the chains that bind them to the afterlife takes a toll. Roll a constitution saving throw, DC15+1 per previous death.   If they do return to life, the travel back to the body has taken a heavy toll on the soul. Due to the ardious and intense journey they have gone through, the good in the soul has to fight for control over the body against the evil within. Roll a charisma saving throw, DC17. Upon failure, the evil side will take over.


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