Species of Ambrosia

Ambrosia is a land of many beings, mortal, immortal, legendary creatures which walk the earth, soar the skies or dive deep into the dark oceans. Humans, although the most populous are just a small part of the tapestry of sentient life of Ambrosia.  

The Races of Ambrosia


The Acephalos is literally a headless human. They are an extremely rare occurrence and nobody knows why they have no head how how they in fact, see, hear or eat anything. When found they tend to ignore everyone around them although they can clearly sense their presence.    


Loosely translated as man-eaters, the Androfagoi are monstrous looking humanoids coming from Hyperborea  

Androi (Humans)

The most populous of sentient species in Ambrosia. Babylon oi (Humans) The most populous of sentient species in Ambrosia. Humans come in tens of different ancestries spanning the whole of the world.  


One-eyed people, related to the Cyclops species. Mostly situated in the heart of Ethiopia  


Atantians are a blessed offshoot of humans. Children of Poseidon are a race of people created by merging Human and Triton species.  


Automaton are mostly a category of mechanical or constructed sentient or semi-sentient creatures.  


Bastet are feline looking bipedal humanoids, creatures that came from the depths of Ethiopia  


The Boar is a sign of power throughout the world. Used by the God-Kings of Ambrosia to signify just that. In addition many legendary massive boars roam the lands wrecking havoc.  


A centaur is a creature with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a Horse. How they wear their lower body garments and undergarments is highly contested subject of debate (rule 7)  


A Ceracte is a massive snake with the horns of a bull, stalking its victims by hiding in the sand and pouncing on them when they least expect it.  


Mischievous green small sized humanoids, the Cercop inhabit the forests of Hellas  


Enormous serpent like sea creatures that roam the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. One of the most known Cetus is Charibdis the cursed.  


Chimera is a creature with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a snake.    


A Cyclops is an one-eyes giant. Cyclopses live primarily in the northern shores of Ethiopia but they can also be found in the mountains of Hellas and lower Babylonia. Cyclopses might be considered cruel and unrefined but they are also extremely intelligent and cunning people responsible for the creation of many of the artifacts of Ambrosia.  


Cynocephaly, The hound-faced people of Ambrosia. Sturdy, loyal and honorable people living at the northern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Cynocephalos adventurers are found all over the world and make excellent guides and soldiers.  


The upper body of a bull on the lower body of a horse, close cousins to the centaurs, the Cyprians are a proud race of people living in the island of Cyprus. Famed as excellent metalworkers, they are the fortified warriors of Ambrosia. Cyprian mercenaries are found in every respectable national army of any of the major nations of Ambrosia.  


Deer (Stag) are the chosen animals of God-Queen Artemis. Deer live in great numbers around the city of Dodoni deep in the forests of Epirus.    


Dolphins are the horses of the sea. The Atlantian Navy is making extensive use of them as a way to transport quickly and effectively troops during naval battles.  


A Drakon or Dragon is a flying sentient serpent. Drakons come in many forms and sizes but they are known for their ferocity and undying desire for wealth and power. Two of the most famous of them, Cychreides and Dracaenae  


Dryads are nymphs living in trees and around the forests of the world. Contrary to common knowledge, Dryads love travelling and they are seen across the whole of Ambrosia. Dryads and Nereiads are often granted Divinity due to their characteristic passion for life and exploration.  


Also known as the "Furies" are the chosen women, chosen by Artemis. Living in and around the forests of Epirus they are a female-only race of strong willed and intellectual individuals striving to find enlightenment by studying the world and history around them. Many Erinye scholars can be found in the Great Library of Alexandria as heads of departments and lecturers.  


Also known as Giants come from the lands of Hyperborea. Giants regularly organize raids over the Alpes and into the Mediterranean Sea in packs with the assistance of the Hyperborean people.    


Quick, smart, bleating, kicking bearded chaos on 4 nimble feet. Goats can be found everywhere across the lands. The Might ram is fairly often used to denote power. God-kind Dionysus most beloved of the animals.  


Beautiful women with venomous snakes in the place of their hair. Stheno, Euryaly and Medusa are the most famous of this unique line of creatures.  


Head and wings of an eagle, talons on their front feet, the body, tails and back legs of a Lion. If you need to go from place A to place B quickly or you are a God-king and want to guard a treasure, a Griffin is your go to.  


Half human, half bird people living in the mountains of Pindos and Alpes  


A centaur with the upper body of a cockrel. Hippalectrions live mostly in the forests of Thrace and are territorial creatures that will cause trouble to anyone unlucky enough to venture into their territory. A tamed Hippalectrion can make one of the most fierce war-horses in the world.  


The head and chest of a horse with front legs created as flippers and the back and tails of a dolphin, Hippocampus is the way to go if you want to travel under water ... in style.  


A most noble creature, the head and wings of a falcon on the body of a horse.  


A Horse is a horse, is a horse. Four strong legs, luxurious main, long tail and a very very big ... appetite for carrots.  


canines, mans' best friend, great hunting partner, guardian and guide.  


Multiheaded dragons, powerful, massive, and with a very bad temper. It's a good thing that it's the only of the Drakon that cannot fly.  


The people of the frozen north. 7 feet tall, broad shouldered, warriors. Their axes bring death to thousands when they raid the lands of the Mediterranean. It's enemies like these that see groups of adventurers banding together to fend off their combined might.  


Giant, armoured, angry, with two pincers and a hunger for warm flesh.  


A member of the Automaton, a Khalkotauros is a bronze (metallic) creature in the shape of a 7-foot tall Bull. Often seen holding two swords or axes. As with most of the Automatons, the Khalkotauroi are cretions of the one and only Daedalus.    


Golden, beautiful, voluptuous shaped automatons, created by Daedalus as a gift to the King Minos. They are the greeters of strangers and servants of the royal palace of Knossos.  


Attractive, cunning, seductive women living in the darkest of corners of the world. The species subsists on the blood of Humans and other humanoid creatures. A Lamia contrary to common knowledge can walk under the sun with no probleml  


The symbol of royalty, power and masculinity. Lions make for great symbols of Royalty and great furs.  


Shape-shifting humans that turn uncontrollably into strong bipedal wolves every full moon. Cursed with an uncontrollable urge to hunt through the night. Lycanthropy can be transferred to people wounded but not killed by a Lycanthrope  


Canine, pack animal. The Species Lycos has many sub-species such us the White Lycoses of Hyperborea, the Desert wolves of Ethiopia (which are very fox like) and the common Grey Wolves that is found across the Mediterranean basin.    


Manticores are legendary creatures from the depths of Babylonia. A Manticore has three rows of teeth along each jaw, the tip of its tail is spiked with porcupine like spikes which it can hurl like arrows to distant enemies.  


The most attractive women in the world. Part of the Nymph family. A Melia can be seen amongst traders and royal courts as a diplomat, a hired assassin or concubine.  


Also known as a Unicorn, are horse like animals of great beauty. They are legendary creatures that allow their rider to travel in exceptionally fast speed over any terrain without ever stopping or being slowed down. The horn of a unicorn is a very prized item. In nature they live in small groups, most commonly around waterfalls. Contrary to common myth, you DO NOT have to be a virgin to ride a unicorn, but you better know how to ride a horse very well because, they gallop... they gallop very fast. Their white coat shines in the light of the full moon, which makes them prime target for Lycanthropes.  


Giant ants living in the lands of Ethiopia. Organized armies of Myrmekes live in sky scraping nests through out the lands. Fiercely territorial they will attack any traveller stupid enough to trespass in their territory. Scouting parties sent our by the hive can become a major problem for unsuspected traders and small villages. Many Ethiopian city-states employ mercenaries to stop the progressive expansion of the Myrmikian colonies.  


Half human, half ants they live in the northern parts of Ethiopia. Most Myrmidons encountered in the lands of the Mediterranean basin are split off their colonies either by choice or through exile. They are fierce warriors but pacifists. They make for great builders and engineers. They are often hired to build the most illustrious of structures and it is said that they were the main paid workforce behind the creation of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  


Another member of the Nymph family. Nereiads make their homes in lakes and rivers. They have the ability to travel through water in almost instantaneous speeds. They Ambrosian blessing allows them to manipulate water, move it and shape it to their will. In addition, a Nereiad can telepathically speak to all water born creatures.  


(Tyrannosaurus Rex - well sort of) The Odontotyrannos, is a 15 feet high bipedal lizard originating from the deep Ethiopian jungles. From time to time lone Odontotyranni travel northwards in search of prey in the open meadows and lush forest of the Sahara.  


A 20 feet long serpent with the head of bull. Often found in the meadows of Babylonia. An Ophiotaurus can inject paralysing venom to its victims prior to their bull-rush like attack. Generally Ophiotaurii are peaceful creatures minding their own business. Their diet consists mainly of Goats. This is the reason that Dionysus has an ongoing vendetta with the whole of the species.  


The chosen and blessed bird of the Warrior Sage Queen Protector Athena of Athens. Owls are protected by her and it is considered a great blasphemy to kill an own for any reason.  


The mortal and sworn enemies of the Triton people, the octapodians are an aquatic race with the torso, head and upper body of a humanoid and the lower body and tentacles of an octopus. As with Tritons, Octapodians are able to breathe in both air and water though, contrary to Tritons, have a very hard time moving on land. Having said that, they are extremely quick on their tentacles when it comes to aquatic environment, both deep water and shallows. (see: Octapodian )  


Panotii are the inhabitants of the island of Scythia. Panotti, meaning "all-ears" are a humanoid sentient species with ears that cover almost the whole of their body height. It is not very clear as to where they came from or why they have those elongated ears.  


The only flying member of the Ippos family. The pegasus is a legendary breed of horses equipped with large feathered wings allowing them the ability to fly over great distances.  


This legendary creature also known as Bennu in the lands of the Nile quickly became a symbol of immortality because of its extraordinary ability to burst into flames upon the second of its death and rise from its own ashes. The feathers of a phoenix - which are golden red - are an item as prized as a unicorn's horn and for this reason many endeavour to scale the cliffs that they make their nests. Phoenix symbolize the eternal cycle of death and rebirth.  


This species of humanoids is the predominant species in Ethiopia. Their cities span the meadows of Sahara and the lower Nile.  


Pyrausta a inset sized dragon from the lands of Cyprus. It resembled a four legged insect with filmy wings and a dragon's head. It lives in fire and dies if it goes away from its fire.  


Pythons are giant snakes mostly found in wet forests and lakes around the south Mediterranean.  


The ever watching eyes of the gods. Ravens are the servants and messengers of the God-kings. All seeing spies travelling and reporting back to their masters.  


Humanoids of all kind risen back to life by Hades to serve him in his unending quest for domination of the overworld. The revenants are tireless beings with theirs souls trapped in phylacteries. cursed to walk the earth under the commands of their eternal master. Bringers of death to the enemies of Hades, they harvest souls for his army.   Some revenants are known to have found a way to acquire their phylactery and won their freedom from their master. Free from his shackles they come to the overworld as refugees. Immortally cursed to a bleak existence.  


Humanoids with the lower body of a goat and torso, head and arms of a man, often also seen to have small goat horns. Fauns can commonly be found in the high meadows of the Hellenic mountains and the meadows of Thessaly  


Ghostly creatures, haunting the nights of Ambrosia. Shades are creatures that roam the world without any meaning, their only drive is to take the life strength of their unfortunate victims. It is said that once they have gathered enough souls they take the corporeal form of a Lamia  


The Dragonborn. What happens when a dragon's tooth is buried? The tooth sprouts into a scaled plated humanoid able to breath fire, capable of the strength of 10 men with nibble arms armed with talons. The Spartoi can only be matched in  


A Sphinx is a legendary creature with the face of a human and the body of a lion and wings of a bird. It is fairly known that are the most treacherous and merciless of the titan-created creatures. Those who cannot answer its riddle suffer a fate worse than death as they are hanged skinned and slowly eaten. The might of this legendary creature is immortalised at the monument of the Great Sphinx of Giza which stands beside the Great Pyramid of Giza.  


Sirens are dangerous creatures who lure nearby sailors with their enchanting music and singing voices to shipwreck on a treacherous coast of their islands and deadly reefs.  

Teumessian fox

A serpent creature with the head and the fur of a fox, with the cunning and agility of both combined. The Teumessian Fox is known for its ability to create traps in order to capture its victims and then capture them to be eaten when needed.  


The first humanoid inhabitants of Rhodes Island, legendary creatures that received the blessing of Poseidon and left the land to head back into the sea transformed as half men - half fish.  


The Ancient benefactors of the God-Kings and all legendary and monstrous beings. The first creators of Ambrosia Titans are said to be gigantic humanoids that tower even giants. Extremely intelligent and powerful. The Titans left the lands around the Mediterranean sea hundred of years ago and nobody knows where they went.  


The Sons of Poseidon Tritons are cyan-skinned humanoids with the ability to breath both under and over water. Their arms and legs sculpted to allow them to swim faster than any other humanoid. Although Tritons are mostly found in the lands around Atlantis they are seen through out the whole world. Tritons create very open and welcoming communities that span land and sea. It is very common to find Triton villages with houses over the water by the sea shore or in water caves and with cultivated kelp spanning as far as the horizon around them.  


Troglodytes (cave goes) are the people of the under world. Troglodytes live in the deep caves and crevices of the world. Able to see in total darkness they create intricate cave systems that can house thousands of their species. Troglodytes are generally very peaceful creatures with a very strong sense of honour and family. That said, they will defend their territory from unwelcome invasions with everything they got. Troglodytes have very poor vision during day time if they are above the surface and if they find themselves in such a situation they tend to shut their eyes completely and navigate by using their extremly good hearing only.


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