The mortal and sworn enemies of the Triton people, the octapodians are an aquatic race with the torso, head and upper body of a humanoid and the lower body and tentacles of an octopus. As with Tritons, Octapodians are able to breathe in both air and water though, contrary to Tritons, have a very hard time moving on land. Having said that, they are extremely quick on their tentacles when it comes to aquatic environment, both deep water and shallows.   Octapodians mainly inhabit the Black Sea area so called because the ink they disperse during their attacks to confuse predator and prey alike. They are particularly feared by sailors in the area because of their adept attacks on ill defended or prepared merchant ships.   Octapodians create great underwater cities and compete for the same resources as the Tritons. After years of conflict the Octapodian cities have total control over the Black sea but find it extremely hard to establish a foothold in the Mediterranean. This is due to the sworn alliance between the Tritonian Alliance and the Divine Queen Helen of Troy.

Basic Information


The Octopodians have humanoid torsos, heads and arms and at the wait the transition into an octopus like creature with 8 tentacles. Each of these tentacles is lined with powerful suckers and barbs and each is controlled by its own individual and semi-independent brain. These tentacles are strong enough to allow them to climb completely vertical surfaces and agile enough to allow them even more advanced manipulation than the five fingers or any other humanoid.   Their extremely powerful pouch under their torso is filled with thick black ink that they are capable to inject over great distances to confuse their enemies and prey. In addition the same sack can be filled with water that can be pushed out in a concentrated burst to allow them to move in amazingly quick speeds or cause damage to their victims.   Their backs and torso are armoured with thick chitinous scales which offer protection against most bronze weaponry and bronze tipped arrow. In civilized Octapodian society it is considered savage for the scales to be visible and therefore are cover by clothing are all times.

Genetics and Reproduction

When Octapodians mate, the men tend to enter a testosterone fuelled mating cycle which makes them extremely territorial until the point of fertilisation. During the mating ceremony, the male and female counterpart perform a ceremonial dance to display their partnership before they retire to a private location at which point nuptial process is completed. Two weeks later the female produces a new clutch of eggs.   Octapodians reproduce once every year and the females of the species product 3 to 10 egg pouches during each litter.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Octopodians are omnivores and their diets consist mainly of meat and help. Oysters are considered a delicacy in all cultures since they cause an almost hallucinogenic effect to their physiology. The powdered shells of oysters are consider desirable spice.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Octapodians have the sense movement in the water due to the extremely sensitive apologists of their tentacles and due to this ability they are able to move relative ease in complete darkness.
Scientific Name
Homo Octopoda
Conservation Status
Common; Sapient


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