Introduction to Ambrosia

Welcome to Ambrosia   A land of myths and legends. Ambrosia is a snapshot of Earth's history as we know it through a science-fantasy lens of mythology. Ambrosia will be taking inspiration from the Greek, Egyptian, Babylonian, Phoenicians, Gaellic, Proto-Indus Valley and Numidian mythological stories.   It has been about 500 years since the Titans left this world and past on their legacy to their children, the Gods of Ambrosia. The Kingdoms of Ambrosia are under constant threat by ancient horrors and the Threats from Beyond the Horizon and only the bravest of heroes will be able to save them. You brave here, are one of those unique individuals tasked with the task of protecting those in need. Your armament consists of an iron will in the face of danger, your weapons, your ability to control the world around you and the Ambrosia that was given to you, either by your divine (or hellish) parents or as a gift and a blessing.     The Greeks of the Greek City States, the Egyptians, Babylonians and of course, Atlantians living around the Mediterranean Basic regardless of their descendancy work together to create a glorious future. They erect the massive Wonders of Ambrosia as a testament to their passion and ingenuity.   Humans, Bastet, Centaurs, Minotaurs, Dryads, Nyriads, Tritons and a tens of other species create the rich tapestry of the Species of Ambrosia.


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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
31 Dec, 2018 21:28

I cannot believe I've been forgetting to return all the love you've given Expedition Demeter, especially when such a cool idea is here. I love the whole idea of looking at these cultures as living alongside their myth.