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Bennerra is the only academy of arcane knowledge in Amatta. Officially the only way to become a wizard is upon graduation from Bennerra. Contains a giant central dome that is the Hall of Knowledge; a vast library that contains the collected works and knowlegde of all of Amatta. The Hall of Knowledge is surrounded by 8 large towers. Each tower is the center of study for each of the schools of magic. The Hall of Knowledge is also responsible for the teaching of all medical professionals and scholars. After graduating from the Hall of Knowledge, an arcane aptitude test can be taken. Based on the results of the test, an individual can then choose wether or not they want to devote to a study of a particular school of magic.   Ranks of Bennerra
  • Novice: Everyone starts at the level of Novice. Though their affinity may be known, Novices start out with introductory classes and have limited access to the Hall of Knowledge.
  • Apprentice: Once a Novice learns the basics of spell casting, runes, and defense training, they can then take they can take the arcane aptitude test given by a Magus or Master to achieve this rank. Apprentices then select their school of magic based on what their arcane affinity is. Apprentices have access to the entirety of the Hall of Knowledge except the advanced sections.
  • Adept: Once an Apprentice has sufficiently learned how to command their chosen school, their Master can sponsor them to the rank of Adept. It is at this point that students can begin to learn the advanced magics of their school.
  • Magus: An Adept can apply to become a Magus at any point, but must pass an extensive exam held by a group of masters in that particular school of magic. In order to become a Magus one must understand advanced spell crafting. A Magus has access the the entire Hall of Knowledge, and all facilities in Bennerra to advance their interests. A Magus also assists the Masters in lower level training.
  • Master Magus: M Magus can apply for Master status after 2 years and must be accepted by a majority of Head Masters. Master Magus can teach at Bennerra. A Master Magus also has access to the coffers to further their research.
  • Head Master: Group of Masters that direct Bennerra. Each Head Master is the head of each school of magic. Head Masters serve for life, and must be unanimously voted in by the Council.
  • Archmagus: The Archmagus¬† is the most powerful Magus and is the head of Bennerra. Serves for life, and is unanimously voted for by the Head Masters. The Archmagus has the deciding vote in all Council decisions.¬†


Large central stone and glass dome surrounded on all sides by 8 giant stone towers.
College / Academy

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