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Known almost the world-over, the Kingdom of Vantice is a human dominated land that stretches from the freezing center of the continent of Onmar all the way to its northern tip, which is an archipelago that ends just two-hundred miles short from Lunessia (to be more exact, Aurelia,).   For generations, the many states within have fought between each other over countless issues. Mines beneath the freezing cold mountains to the south are dug deeper and deeper by citizens who work for a slave's wage, which has erupted those lands into civil conflict. Tropical forests to the north are cut down and extracted of all life for the people of the kingdom, much to the suffering of both people and animals native to the land who fight back with tooth and nail, for many of them are on the verge of extinction. Wild beasts who lived in this part of Onmar before Vantice was even a named kingdom struggle to survive against the never-ending waves of humans and their cruel ways.   Yet for all the suffering in Vantice, there are many paradises owned by those with more wealth than they know what to do with. Beautiful castles cascade down mountain and hill-sides that house nobles, treasures, and secrets of the kingdom. Long stretches of land that have been cultivated into hunting grounds are attractions for hunters the world over. Much to the chagrin of wizards outside of its lands, numerous reputable magic schools exist within Vantice, a number of them catering to Sorcerers seeking to control and expand their power.


The people of Vantice are ruled by a king and queen, Adonnus and Merium Aurelias, whose combined word is law all throughout the kingdom. A council advises the duo, but how much influence they have over the king and queen is not truly known.   Beneath them, each of the kingdom's twelve states has a representative, known as a duke, that govern the day-to-day activities of that state's citizens. Much of what a duke declares is simply passed along to them by the monarchs.

Public Agenda

Vantice's goals fall squarely under the acquisition of power so that the kingdom can be ever-expanding and conquering, which insures they will never rely on another people for anything, be it military might, medicinal knowlede, arcane power, or technological prowess.


Rich in many things, Vantice has no shortage of assets. The mines to the south is where they obtain their currency in silver and gold. Castles, forts, and military bunkers all throughout their lands are stationed with troops, weapons, equipment, horses, and vehicles in the case of an attack by either a natural enemy of the land or a foreign entity. The many hills, forests, and jungles provide food, furs, medicine, and more.


It said that long ago, when life in the center of Onmar went nearly extinct from the threat of dragons, the original humans had found refuge inside the mountains and mined the ore for any valuables they could. This activity persisted while white dragons scoured the mountains, hunting down anything they could find. Long after the elves introduced the dragons to the Draconic Phage, they went south and traded with the humans for their ore, now that the draconic threat had diminished. Gaining supplies to finally eke out a living in this harsh land from the elves, the humans began to spread north, claiming territory as they saw fit to gain more power, and never again become as helpless as they were under the horrific gaze of the dragons. What became of the elves as the humans spread north is unknown, though many believe the humans turned on them.

Demography and Population

Vantice is home to at least five-hundred-million humans and countless other species across its many lands.


The military might of Vantice is one of the strongest in the world. All citizens of able body and mind are required to endure a one year training period to enlist as soldiers. Any one person whose marks are high enough are automatically enrolled at the lowest level of military service, and only after a set amount of time may they pursue other occupations.

Foreign Relations

Vantice has long been considered an isolationist country that is very rarely diplomatic, if ever. Their age old belief of power in one-self has caused them to look down upon other nations simply for having the nerve to exist.
Adonnus Aurelia
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Mixed economy
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

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