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Sessions 8 - 9: On the Dragonborn's Trail Report

General Summary

The Nine Lives, alongside Sirus Whitefeather, Rham of Vinbold, and ten Aurelian Vanguard soldiers, marched into the Contal Mountains to track down the Dardendrian Tribe dragonborn that attacked Rocktown and kidnapped its inhabitants. In their first few days they saw alluring harpies, crossed blades with yuan-ti, and had a short and somewhat hostile conversation with a roaming fire giant.   While crossing over one sand dune after another, the crack of a whip was heard, which led the group to a cave high up on one mountainside. The Nine Lives and their followers entered the cave and found an unsettling, large, draconic-creature. The group did battle with it and were victorious, but a handful of Vanguard soldiers lost their lives.   Pushing further on after binding their wounds, the group came face to face with slavers of the Dardendrian Tribe and a number of Rocktown captives. Another bloody battle ensued. More Vanguard soldiers were killed, Jakob was mauled, and his familiar, Dax, perished from the fiery breath of a dragonborn. After the fight, which Rham of Vinbold did not partake in, he explained to the Nine Lives that many of these dragonborn were only a year old, making them children with regards to the lifespan of a dragonborn. Hostility grew between Rham and Violet and Jakob, so Jakob cast the Suggestion spell on the dragonborn and forced him to walk back to Rocktown.   The following morning, Sirus and the remaining Vanguard soldiers left with the captives while wishing the Nine Lives good luck in their search of more hostages and the Golden Dragon, Dalakhar. After cutting down harpies and more draconic abominations, the Nine Lives met a rogue tabaxi who introduced himself as Olon. Strange in demeanor, he spoke in a similar tongue to Kiin. Together they killed a third strange beast, one that was capable of creating incredibly convincing illusions of itself.   The Nine Lives, alongside Olon, now rests at an oasis which overlooks a large valley, which looks to lead straight to the three mountain peaks they have been looking for.

Rewards Granted

Appropriate XP for all combat and role-play encounters.

Missions/Quests Completed

1) Find the whereabouts and activities of Dalakhar   2) Rescue the kidnapped villagers of Rocktown

Character(s) interacted with

Sirus Whitefeather, Rham of Vinbold, a wandering fire giant, yuan-ti footsoldiers, Dardentrian Tribe members, dragon-esque abominations, and Olon the Tabaxi... something.

A Dream Beyond
Report Date
14 Oct 2019
Primary Location
Contal Mountains
Secondary Location

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