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Session 12: The Ritual of Resurrection Report

General Summary

The Nine Lives and their allies made their way through the dragon temple, eliminating ruthless dragonborn along the way. On a higher level they confronted the hideous mutants that forcibly brought them here and interrupted a strange ritual to revive Zandaku. In the middle of the ensuing battle they saw Dalakhar, the golden dragon that was guarding Darren Everburn's vault of gold, restrained with shackles and covered in his own blood. Barry pulled the Staff of Dragons from a kobold shaman and tossed it to Dalakhar who promptly turned from into a human man. Dalakhar then cast a bolt of lightning at the floating body of Zandaku and the room disappeared in a white light.   Waking from a deep slumber but with the adrenaline of the battle still flowing, the Nine Lives found themselves back inside of their tavern in the city of Waterdeep. After a short time, the fireball of a catapult headed toward them. As Jakob lifted a barrel to block the projectile, the white light took them again.   When they regained consciousness a second time, the sound of lapping waves and the feeling of mist surrounded them. The ritual room of the dragon temple appeared to have been transported to another location, seemingly in the middle of the ocean. From beneath a pile of rubble rose the monstrosity that was a resurrected Zandaku. Despite his strength, he was still no match for the Nine Lives and their companions.

A Dream Beyond
Report Date
02 Jan 2020
Primary Location
Contal Mountains
Secondary Location

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