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Session 11: A Surprising Escape Report

General Summary

After leaving the Dardendrian camp with nearly fifty odd captives behind them, the Nine Lives stopped for respite at the oasis near Olan's hideout. While there, the roar of a dragon was heard from somewhere in the dragonborn's camp. "It sounds like it's in pain," said Violet.   Knowing that Tarvor's camp was at least a day and a half away, and with people whom could barely walk with them, the group set off. Night fell and a rest was had at a small trench southwest of the dragonborn camp. Kaleah, the strange older woman the Nine Lives encountered in the camp, moved on ahead alone in hopes of finding a more defensible position.   Three hours into their rest, Barry Brawns—who was on watch—was flanked by two hyenas, but they were quickly scared off by a stray rock from Kaleah, who called Barry over to her. She pointed to something in the distance he could not see when Kaleah's voice changed to that of a monster and a slew of arrows and swords befell him. As he is want to do, Barry became enraged, screaming to wake the others, and commenced battle with these strange dragon/yuan-ti hybrids.   There were four of them in all, their arrows and swords and teeth poisoned. In less than a minute, Barry, Jakob, and Tarvor went down. Violet and Olan kept their distance as they saw the battle lean in the favor of the ambushers. Ki'in was the last one standing before she also fell.   Come the next morning, Barry, Jakob, Ki'in, and Kaleah found themselves bound by rope and trapped within wooden cages on the back's of giant sand lizards. They could hear the dragonborn of the Dardendrian Tribe chanting as they were brought before a large mountain in the back of the camp and hauled up a long series of stairs before being locked behind bars in what appeared to be an old dragon temple. An entire night went by. They once heard again heard the roar of a giant dragon, but this time much closer.   After concocting an escape attempt inspired by magical tricks and Barry's muscles, the four fought their way to the foyer of the temple where they were reunited with a friend thought gone, Rham of Vinbold, who has been in disguise with the Dardendrian's. "We must put an end to the ritual to bring Zandaku back," he said to them.

A Dream Beyond
Report Date
19 Dec 2019
Primary Location
Contal Mountains
Secondary Location

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