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Rami Everburn

Rami Everburn (a.k.a. The Prince)

Son of the Previous Open Lord

Human, Male   Rami Everburn, son of the disgraced and excommunicated open lord Darren Everburn, has lost his fortune. Despite the setback of his father's outing as a criminal warlord and traitor of the Aurelian people, Rami retains his youth, wits, and charm, and plans on doing his best in restoring his family's name. Known around the city for his good deeds and charitable activities, Rami has established himself as a separate person from his father. His friends not only enjoy fine food and drink while at his side, but if requested, can find themselves before some influential people in the political landscape of Dollet.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Rami keeps himself clean shaven with a regular 5 o'clock shadow.

Physical quirks

Rami walks with a proud gait, despite the ocassional naysayer who dislikes him merely for his relationship with his father. When speaking, he likes to rest one hand on the hilt of his rapier and gesture eloquently with the other.

Apparel & Accessories

Although no longer in a noble's home, Rami still has many of his belongings and some of the wealth from when his father ruled the city, and still enjoys dressing like a noble. He's almost never seen in public without his personal favorite breastplate and blue cape.

Mental characteristics


Rami was tutored privately by his father's ervants ntil he he was eighteen years old. He then enlisted in the High Stone Academy and trained with a variety of blades. Although he graduated, he did not enlist with the guard, and instead "finished" his education on the streets, as he likes to call it.


Rami will admit when asked that he has never actually been properly employed, unless you count "being a noble" as a job. He was more than happy to serve as a diplomat for his father and fulfilled various roles, but those days have come and gone. Now, Rami serves as a recruiter for the Aurelian Vanguard, whose ideals are something he has more than happy to support after the growth of character he has gone through in the past few years sinc ethe falling out between him and his father began.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Graduated from the High Stone Academy   Serves as a Recruitor with the Aurelian Vanguard with the rank of Shield.

Personality Characteristics


Rami's motivations for his actions have differed over time, but if asked, he would say he simply wants to help the people of Dollet and Aurelia remain free from Vantician rule. Deep down, and he wouldn't admit it, he also wants to retain his status as a noble.

Neutral Good
Current Location
Year of Birth
2460 27 Years old
Current Residence
The North Ward in the Port City of Dollet
Biological Sex
Bright blue
Bright brunette, shoulder length
Skin Tone
Quotes & Catchphrases
"My father is a %$*!, but I promise you, I am not!" - A phrase Rami has perfected over the years.
Aligned Organization
Aurelian Vanguard
Known Languages
Common and Dwarvish, which he combines with Vantician slang occassionally.

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