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If you like rocks, you go to Petrichoria. It's what you do! - Victor "Volo" Vicario
  Petrichoria is an expansive city that lies on the northern border of the land known as Aurelia. It is home to thousands of people, though the vast majority are dwarves and gnomes. Its first and largest district is built out of a large mountain the dwarves refer to as Mandahlomar, which is often the first party of the city that travelers will visit. Many are mesmerizing by the sprouting spires of stone and criss-crossing bridges that the inhabitants use to not only travel up, down, and across their home, but also haul ore and equipment to and from various mineral deposits.   Of particular note, the city of Petrichoria is one of the few known places in the Contal Mountains where it rains, which is incredibly rare in this desert landscape. This rain is what gives the city its name, for the earthly smell that rises from the soaking ground is often described as otherworldly.


Mostly mountain dwarves and rock gnomes, but many orcs, half-orcs, humans, and a few other species call it home.


The residents of Petrichoria are no strangers when it comes to threats. More than 5,000 residents (most dwarven), make up the city's military force that man the city walls, spires, cliff-faces, and numerous distant outposts. In the event of oncoming attackers, each outpost is equipped with a large horn to carry a blaring warning through the valleys back home. Within the city itself, towers, moats, and adjustable bridges are laid out in such a way to make a full front attack incredibly deadly for the attackers.   Being proficient in the use of various rocks, the dwarves have also established rolling rock traps and others that make use ropes and pulleys to cut-off and surround attackers.


Petrichoria is a city built out of mountains and their surroundings lands, therefore many of the city's structures are large, hollowed out caves with entrances and exits so large that the sun illuminates mostly all of it during the day. On the outside of the mountains are stone walls, spires, and clean-cut square and rectangular structures, as dwarves favor simple and straight architecture.


Due to the location of the city, Petrichoria's largest asset is the vast mineral deposits in and around it. Therefore many of the city's inhabitants are miners, smelters, smiths, and metal-workers. The finest weapons and armor in all of Aurelia, except for the rare magic-induced variants, are made and sold here. Even adamantium, a scarce resource, can be found in plentiful supply.

Guilds and Factions

The most prominent guild in the city is referred to as The Petrichorian Duhmans, which make up the essential residents necessary for the city's continued existence and expansion. This is mainly comprised of military and government personnel and merchants who maintain outside trade routes.


The main terrtain of the city is mountainous, but there are also rocky hills along the base and valleys that water flows through.

Natural Resources

Metals and stone from the mountains and food from what the dwarves call "cave farms". Although necessary resources for everyday living are accessible in the mountains, much else is imported from placed like Dollet.

Large city
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Contal Mountains
Owning Organization
Petrichorian Duhmans

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