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The Golden Dragon

  Very little is known of the golden dragon named Dalahkar, for he is the first dragon the people of Aurelia had the chance to see with their own eyes in centuries.   It was discovered that Dalahkar was guarding the gold in Darren Everburn's vault, alongside a large, golden staff that depicts two gold dragons coiled around the staff itself and gazing into one-another's eyes.   During a fatal battle with the pirate king Zardon Zoz and the leaders of the Onyx Syndicate in Dollet, the Doom Raiders, Dalahkar flew upward and burst through the vault's ceiling, with a number of wounds.   He was last seen flying north/northwest, in the direction of the Contal Mountains. Whether or not this dragon seeks to do harm to the people of this land remains to be seen, and the entire region is on high-alert.

Physical Description

Body Features

Dalahkar is a huge dragon with golden scales and a wingspan twice that of his own body. At his size, he could easily crush a house just by falling on it.

Special abilities

Little is known of a full-blooded Dragon's power for they have not been thought extinct for over a thousand years, but it was witnessed by a select few that Dalahkar has the ability to polymorph himself into other forms, at least that of a male dwarf, and he can exhale fire.

Current Location
Contal Mountains

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