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Aurelian Vanguard

The Aurelian Vanguard is an order of warriors cut from many clothes based in the land of Aurelia. They recognize that Aurelia is still a young place with regards to those who have settled it, and the people in its lands need support, especially when neighboring kingdoms and settlements are too busy to spare some. When the threat of war looms, the Vanguard will send members to aid the weak. When a horde of ferocious beasts scour the countryside, the Vanguard will help evacuate and send hunting parties to thin the beast's numbers.   Not supported by any one kingdom or organization, the Aurelian Vanguard is funded entirely by donations and its own members. This sometimes causes them to be spread thin or slow in their activities, but as many members of their order will tell you, "Someone has to do it, or what good is all of this?", 'this' referring to the hardworking people of the world making a living for themselves. They are comprised of warriors that seek to do good in the world without bowing to politicians or waiting for orders to help those in need. Many of their members are retired or discharged soldiers, knights, priests and acolytes of various faiths. It is rare but not unheard of for low-level spellcasters to be amongst their ranks.   Their known supporters are the cities of Dollet, Petricoria, and nearly all settlements in Aurelia, save for the elves of the Emerald Forest.


Acolyte - Members of the Aurelian Vanguard that provide healing and support to the injured. Some may travel with Swords on long expeditions, but they are not accustomed to combat. They tend to be priests or healers.   Shield - A warrior that lives in or near a settlement for the purposes of being the first line of defense in the case of an attack. They rarely travel, if ever, and train every other weekend to remain sharp in the event of danger. Many Shield's often serve as recruiters as well, for they are intimately familiar with the people of their home settlements.   Sword - Typically career soldiers who have left behind their previous companies for one reason or another. Swords are members of the Vanguard that exist to respond to danger when called upon. If a pack of gnolls has taken up in a nearby forest, then Swords will be gathered to go and deal with them. Many Swords are ex-soldiers, hunters, and sailors.   Ward - More experienced members of the Aurelian Vanguard, Wards act as leaders of the different sections of the organization and create strategies for dealing with different scenarios. A Ward that oversees multiple units is referred to as a Master Ward. Almost all wards were once military commanders of various rank, or else have some sort of prestiage to justify their command.

Public Agenda

A not-for-profit military force, the Aurelian Vanguard's goal is to provide defenses for the people that have none in times of need.


In the year after the small war between Dollet and Vantice, the Aurelian Vanguard formed as settlers spread further north, recognizing that an army that answers to any one power could turn into the tool of another tyrant.

Peace Is Our Profession

Founding Date
Military, Other
Alternative Names
The Crimson Warriors
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Head of State
Vega Wardragon
Head of Government
Vega Wardragon
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Notable Members

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