Exarch is an honorary title that can be granted to citizens of Achillonia, the confederated state of the Amazons. The title is honorary, given as recognition of exemplary deeds by a Primarch to an atrician of her Temple. Both men and women can be Exarchs so long as they have citizenship.  


In the meritocratic culture of Achillonia, the title of Exarch carries great weight. In any Amazon population or community those with merit and fame are held as figures of communal power, moral authority, and social privilege. To be named an Exarch by the Primarch of your temple is one of the greatest honors imaginable. So great is deference given to an Exarch that the title is, in fact, more of a social rank; Exarchs hold such authority and carry such respect that they are effectively a seperate social class, higher than mere atricians.   The title is never handed out lightly. An Exarch must embody several of Galatea's virtues, represented by the goddess's twelve aspects. An aspiring hero must perform numerous great deeds before they can even be considered for the honor of being named an Exarch. Dangerous Hunts must be completed, battles fought, warbands led, trials accomplished and competitions won, injuries suffered and scars borne. Those that become Exarchs are often already figures of great fame, the title simply cementing their status and making their strength plain for all to see. Warrior Exarchs are veterans of countless battles, true exemplars of martial skill, and terrible foes to face on the battlefield.   But not only warriors and hunters can receive the title. There is value in many deeds that do not require competition or violence. Priests, philosophers, artisans and even laborers have been Exarch over the many millenia of Achillonia's history. A humble life spent working for the benefit of the community is worthy of great praise. A hero can wear a robe instead of armor and carry a child instead of a sword. Just like the goddess Galatea has many aspects to her, so too are there many ways to live by her virtues.
Civic, Honorific
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Kith and kin

All ranks and titles used in Achillonia are shared and respected by all of the twelve Temples. An Exarch of one temple is treated with reverence even when visiting the lands of another temple.


Exarchs have no official duties since the title is only honorary. However, as paragons of their people, they are expected to go above and beyond of what is expected of mere atricians. Exarchs should guide, council, and aid their fellow citizens, sharing their great gifts with others to guide the entire community closer to Galatea's favor.   Exarchs are often appointed to roles of great responsibility. They are teachers and sages, leaders of military forces, advisors to Primarchs and ambassadors to foreign powers.

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