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A world of tragedy...

Welcome, traveler! You seem to have arrived safe and sound. Not for long, though. Anyways, what's on your mind?
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The animals and plants of the world

When magic was created, it was an invasive and rather evil energy. These characteristics made it possible for this energy to transform other beings, such as common animals and even plants. As a result, and after thousands of years of evolution, the animals and plants of the world have become something entirely different from what the dragons intended.
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Species | Apr 29, 2021

The creators of the world, or so it seems

Magic and other such things

Yes, magic! It's the energy all over the world. It's divided into two forms: Natural Magic, which has no particular properties, and Elemental Magic, which changes in nature depending on who manipulates it.
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Natural Magic
Physical / Metaphysical Law | May 7, 2021

A form of energy that exists all over the world (maybe even the universe?)

The cultures around the world

Draconic villages, Nomadic tribes, Trader towns...each related to one another, and each having their own depth and history. Though language has evolved since the first Draconic village was founded, this has not stopped them from communicating with each other in times of need or during important celebrations
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Draconic cultures
Generic article | Jan 11, 2021

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