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Amalgam - what remains of the Remaining Realm - is a weird and wonderful world that was created as a result of the wish of Eyrs Thonich. A wish that the Gravebound never existed. This wish was granted by Limonar the Light, who (through several different interventions) made it possible for the Pieces of Eight to destroy the Wizard-King (Klearic Faymal of Reality 1) before he could ever take the name "Gravebound."  

All New, All Different

In the aftermath of this battle, the Pieces of Eight were returned to their homes, with nearly all of their lives being permanetly changed as a result of the time altering wish. They remained unchanged, virtual strangers in a new better world.   They soon learned that the mostly positive wish had some unknown side effects. The uncountable number of other realities were constantly merging and incuring on their world. The world they once knew was now a piecemeal landscape of different realities all coalescing and merging into one. It was Amalgam.