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Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Elves are given a child name until the time they believe themselves to be ready, this is usually 100 years after birth, on that time the child elf becomes an adult and names themselves after what they have done previously in their life.


During the time of the falling heavens the elves spent their days living with the lands, when the objects fell from the sky elves from all over gathered to find these objects, each were a curiosity to the elves; over time the amulet was passed down from elf to elf, never truly belonging to one individual but to the group itself with the holder being its keeper. When the skies turned blue and the earth shook the elves gathered once more, off to the horizon the glow of blue can be seen; this sight, unseen by any of the elders, caused a mass of curiosity to stir. The keepers took the first steps, with them the rest soon followed, only the keepers felt a true pull towards the glow though none could explain how, it was curiosity that pulled the elves into going through the new lands.

Average Height
Average Weight

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