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After the Death of Ezhar Report

General Summary

After the encounter, you found yourselves staring out at the village as if peering through a cloudy window. The survivors of the village started to emerge, but you were not on the same plane as them ... the world rippled and swirled around you. Beyond the village a light appeared and slowly came towards you, until it reached you and the light faded to nothing and you found yourselves confronted by the befuddled Fizban.    After casting a hut spell, Zardulu found that the magic came with great struggle but you managed to spend time resting and recovering.  Upon rousing, the party was escorted deeper into this strange world that Fizban called The Void ... a realm in between Xorsaideleth (the home of the gods) and Alverion. It was a place that allowed the gods to observe without interference. During your trek, you were attacked by shadow demons, and after battling them for a few rounds, Fizban banished them but with great strain on his health.   With some more travel, you found yourselves traveling through this dead forest and coming upon a desolate grove that had a dark citadel at the heart of it. Fizban told you that this place would allow him to send you home.

Rewards Granted

2,000 XP base
Search for the Vutha Kethend
Report Date
02 Oct 2020

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