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The Secrets of Farside

Farside is maybe the region of Alven with the most secrets. It is certainly the region with the largest untamed wilderness. The lost cities of the Ancestors and their hilltop fortresses are ruins that have fed the clansmen's imagination for generations.  

- The Ancestors' Lost Cities

  North of The Farside Mountains, half-buried in the undergrowth of the Taiga Forest lie the ruined cities of the Ancestors. The Ancestors were gifted magic wielders and the ruins contain wards and powerful artifacts, some vibrant with magic to this day.

For the non-initiated, the magic pervading the Ancestors' domain can be lethal. Only other magic-wielders - those who can detect magic and use it - can control the sortileges held in these ancient walls.   The dangerous terrain has given rise to many stories and legends. The Alvenites consider the place cursed and none will want to venture there - unless of course, they think they know what they are doing.
It is no secret that some intrepid adventurers have been able to retrieve powerful magical artifacts from the area.
Who dares, wins.   On the outcrops, rising suddenly from the forest floor, the adventurous visitors to these lands can clearly see the Ancestors' keeps and fortresses.

Three are known to exist north of the Farside mountains. Their names have been lost in the mists of times - they are generally known in Alvenish legends as The Doomanses (doomed manses). Many stories have been told about them. None have a happy ending.    

- The Lost Coast

    The fishing harbors of The Lost Coast or Ghost Coast are often referred to as The Lost Ports collectively. It is a place that in most Alvenites' mind signifies disgrace and doom. For some Alvenites, it means freedom.

The communities of The Exiles ,as they are known throughout Alven, do not answer to any clan, and The Archive does not have any influence there either.

In view of its privileged position, it has become the refuge for a community of buccaneers whose specialty is contraband along the eastern shores of Alven. It is also home to eccentric archeologists and other would-be adventurers who have become fascinated with the magical world of the Ancestors.  

- Swinhelm Keep

  Swinhelm is the last hold of the clans in the north of Alven. Beyond Swinhelm and the human settlements around Loch Dreich stretches the foothills and The Lost Lochs of the Farside Mountains where the Ancestors' ruined fortresses, the Doomances can still be seen.

Only a few clansmen know that Swinhelm was built or rebuilt and stood once proudly as a Doomance itself. Magic still lies deep between its walls. The chieftains of Clan Boarsden have always been very good magic-wielders - no doubt because of their close genetic connection to the Ancestors - and have been initiated from one generation to the next into the keep magic and its powers.
Only one family has held the keep since the creation of the clan and no other clan has been able to occupy it.  

- The Farians in Langloch

  the Lang Loch or Langloch being the third-largest loch in the whole of Alven has its own communities of Francalia Article on Ferians. The smaller and slightly newer community has tried to emulate the well ordered and hierarchical organization living at the bottom of Loch Morgunt but without much success. The Farians of the Langloch are not as enamored with the Kings and Queens of their world as others of their race and value more freedom in their social mores. To the other Farians, they would appear boorish and uncouth.   A few sea tunnels exist under The Downs and connect the Langloch with The Eastern Seas. The Farian families who have been living in dens near the tunnels for generations have developed a resistance to salty waters, and are well-known pearl fishermen in their own rights.  

- The Mines of the Farside Mountains

  The Ancestors' civilization spread from the north of Alven towards the south of the continent and left its mark all over the Farside mountains. The Farside miners have made use of the older mines to further their trade.

The old mines were solidly dug with magic and the old tunnels are usually broad and sturdy.
However, non-magic-wielders might find it difficult to navigate the tunnels - wards and deception magic, if they have not been removed, still exist to deter the intruders.   Some of the old mines have also become the headquarters of 'rogue' archivists and magic wielders who are using the mines and Ancestors' reputations to hide their experiments in all things magical - some of these experiments might not be totally ethical. These sects of scientific mages are fanatical about their work are generally known as The Draoichs or the Dark Druids.

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