One is alone in the universe. It makes many to compensate for the crippling pain it feels, perishing in the process.

The many create more, a lavish home of great diversity, relishing in the power and freedom they have.

The many argue, and one costs them their right to live.

The children scatter, fearing the wrath of their parents. Some hide in the attic, others were thrown into the basement. Some just run far, far away.

Two others make a bet and almost destroy the world.

Six more rise from the ashes and bring hope to all living things, and magic fills the world of mortals.

The term "God" is a loose one, and all who take that title are destined to bring great change.

The world of Alvelotyl is a one filled with many different races, countries, and opinions. There are "standard" races such as Elves, Dwarves, and Giants, as well as races like the Monome, Exceed and Fomori. The world is filled with magic and is thriving after a great calamity that took place fourteen hundred years ago.

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In the beginning, there was nothing. No life, no land, nothing. However, scattered throughout the nothingness was shards. These shards were residual energy that had formed from nothing. These shards met and combined, threatening to become something. When all of these shards came together, the first living being came into existence.

This being was The Fool.

The Fool was capable of thought and spent a lot of time in that empty space thinking. It tried to figure out how it had been born, and what it was supposed to do. Since The Fool did not have a physical body, it had no survival instincts, no guidelines with which to live its life.

So it fulfilled the only desire it had. The desire to fill the hole of loneliness that pervaded its mind. It did not understand what was wrong at first but eventually came to the realisation that there was nothing worth living for. So it would create a reason to live. The Fool used all of its power in the hope of creating more.

This is what created Neir, the original source of both Aera and souls. This realm was a world mirroring the physical world. This burst of magic brought great potential to the universe. However, as a result of creating Neir, The Fool used up all of its power. It had never exercised its full potential before and was left weak and frail. The Fool fell into a dormant state, and its gaseous form had become the foundation that grew and became Neir.

From the remnants of its power, many souls were born. These powerful beings would later become known as The Primordials. These creatures faced the same problems as The Fool, but they had a home and each other to learn from.

The Primordials faced the same questions surrounding their creation that The Fool did, but came to the conclusion that they were created by some unseen force. It was then that they discovered Aera, the power of the Gods. Using Aera, these great beings began to learn and create. With this power, the beings formed matter from nothing. Things like water, rock, plants and other materials were created. Yet the beings found that it took a lot of effort to hold their creations in place in space. And so, one of the Primordials, The Hierophant, had the idea of creating land to hold the creations.

It created many comets and small planetoids as practice, and eventually managed to create the first planet with its own gravitational field. He made it very bare and revealed it to its siblings. They were amazed, and they began to fill this planet with their creations. This was the beginning of Alvelotyl. - The Theory of Creation, as told by the First Prophet

Religious, Pantheon
Alternative names
The First Gods, The Numen, The Original Primordials
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