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Organization: The Wild Hunt

For as long as there have been mortals aware of the terrifying universe around them, they have been aware of entities in the dark who would prey upon them or worse, crush them in their ignorance of mortal existence. The classic tales of Good and Evil that captivate imaginations also fuel the armies of fiendish and angelic hosts, assuring that support for these causes will always be found. A noble paladin fighting hordes of devils can expect a glorious death and remembrance in song; the duties of the Wild Hunt preclude either, as these men and women set about the task of hunting aberrations and monstrosities, the slow and pervasive rot at the heart of the world. Most die alone in the dark or cross so far into madness that their own fellows must hunt them down and end their suffering; too few have the fortitude to join this grim assembly, and those who do must still constantly watch themselves for signs of corruption.   Rangers (particularly Monster Hunters) and paladins (usually taking the Oath of Vengeance) are the most common members of this small group. Monks are highly sought after for their discipline, while wizards (preferably Abjurers) and clerics (Order and Light if possible) provide magical support. Though any class may join, warlocks are highly suspect, especially those of the Great Old Ones. Any warlocks who join will find themselves on a short leash.


Those with Renown 3 or greater are Hounds, lone members (or part of an adventuring party) who maintain their training and seek to apply it against the horrors of the world. They are granted sanctuary in those places marked with the right sigils, signifying loyalty to the Wild Hunt's cause (there is at least one in every city with a population greater than 25,000).   At Renown 10 and Rank 1, Hounds are promoted to Steeds, and though they often work apart from other hunters they still coordinate communications within their area. Steeds gain access to special Blessings which are burned into their mind; though this process is painful, it causes no lasting damage. The Wild Hunt doesn't differentiate between those who research and those who actively slay monsters, though the latter is a far surer means of gaining renown.   At Renown 25 and Rank 2, Steeds are again promoted to Huntsmen, and Huntsmen assume responsibility for coordinating lower ranking members against large threats. They gain access to minor magical items, and can call upon 4d4 hunters in times of need.   At Renown 50 and Rank 3, a Hunter becomes one of the rare Horned Ones, masters of entire regions and grim souls responsible for ferreting out threats that require their attention. They must remain vigilant, and the role is taxing; most Horned Ones end their careers by calling a hunt down on themselves, as their sanity begins to fray.



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