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Unification Day, Part One: Bargain


Lucy `Shootemup` Adon reveals her upcoming marriage to Saber Sabiduría to the crew of The Ashfall, and offers them a deal. Bai Xue makes a mysterious acquaintance in the Famiglia de Gondoluci prison.   Amadeo Leviatán goes on a quest to rescue his last remaining family members, but runs into an old flame and gets a knife in the heart for his troubles. Andrea Gondoluci finds a sympathetic youth, and invites her on board. Julian Aynesworth witnesses a confusingly sexually-charged duel, then shouts nonsense while blasting lightning everywhere. Captain Swain Adon shows up at the last minute, as usual, and plays the accordion. Veneroso Serpiente takes down the betrayer pope, but loses a hand for his troubles.

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