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Saber Sabiduría

Saber Sabiduría

The head of Casa Sabiduría.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Built like the swordsman he is, saber is well muscled, while elegant and fluid in his movements. Dressing for show, you can generally spot him from a good distance, and he is not a man known for subtlety.

Facial Features

strong jawline and large, angled nose, clean shaven

Identifying Characteristics

Scar along left cheek from dueling.

Physical quirks

Prone to aggressive posturing, he frequently stands just a little too close for comfort, and his hands move quickly to his belt knives when he perceives an insulted, though he is prone to hearty laughs in response.

Special abilities

Renowned swordsmen, cunning diplomat

Apparel & Accessories

Fond of colorful clothing, particularly the silver and gold of his noble house.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Having been born to the wealthy and powerful Sabiduría family, Saber was trained from birth as a duelist and groomed to be treasurer to the throne of Costraña. Reading the political situation well, the old Lord Sabiduría sent Saber to the court of Gâteaurielle IX, where he quickly became friends with the king. Returning after the premature death of his father six years ago, Saber spent a year in morning, leaving the royal house in the care of his eldest uncle. Upon his reclamation of the seat at the head of the house of Sabiduría, Saber has been quickly solidifying his rule over the family, and has begun political machinations to restore the treasury, and Costraña.


Tutored privately at home and trained in the traditional Sabidurian swordsmanship, Saber always excelled as a duelist and in foreign relations.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Excellent duelist and skilled politician, he has brought Casa Sabiduría and the royal family of Autierre. He further has skillfully managed a depleted treasury effectively for a half decade.

Failures & Embarrassments

The depleted status of the treasury is a profound embarrassment for Casa Sabiduría. He further bears a scar from a lost duel across his left cheek.

Intellectual Characteristics

Flamboyant, aggressive, cunning, and ambitious.

Morality & Philosophy

Royalist, fiercely proud and protective of the nobility


Non-royals holding positions of influence greatly disturb Saber, holding distrust and distaste for the church of the explorer after the replacement of Lord Leviatán with a peasant at the head of the Church. Enjoys theater, though weather this is as strong an interest as he portrays or weather it is a point of showing Costrañan culture's independence from Autierre is unknown.

Personality Characteristics


To improve the standing and power of Casa Sabiduría.

Virtues & Personality perks

intelligent, quick to act, performs well under pressure, excellent swordsman

Vices & Personality flaws

Aggressive, arrogant, over-cofident


Well kept hair, and meticulously tailored cloths


Contacts & Relations

Two uncles, of-age male cousin stationed in the Court of Gâteaurielle IX, and an expanding spy network. Helping and advising him on this is his friend Lord Veneroso Serpiente.

Family Ties

Good relations with his cousin, trusting him to maintain relations with his friend the King of Autierre. Attempting to marry his sister to the son of King Gâteaurielle IX.

Religious Views

Divine Right of Nobility, Church of the Commander, Church of the Conqueror

Hobbies & Pets

Extensive pack of hunting dogs, each one is named and he can identify each at a great distance

Wealth & Financial state

As manager of the royal treasury, Saber should command vast financial resources, yet as hard times have fallen on the treasury, money has become tight.

The Eastern Kings
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord Sabiduría, Lord Treasurer, Señor Sabiduría
Sabiduría Manor
Current Residence
Sabiduría Manor
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Chin Length, well groomed brown hair
Aligned Organization
Casa Sabiduría

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