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Diezmar Estragos

Señor Diezmar Estragos (a.k.a. The Fist of Commander)

The former head of Casa Estragos. Accused of treason after conspiring with The Western Barbarians' rebellion. Lost his left hand in a duel with Saber Sabiduría.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Top of the line. You would be hard pressed to find a stronger man. Intimidatingly muscular.

Body Features

Despite spending a great deal of time outside, he retains his paleness and never seems to be sunburned, or fully clothed. His head is completely shaved.

Facial Features

Perhaps too much so to be truly attractive, his jawline and permanent scowl caused by his thick black eyebrows seem to radiate his power. He takes great pride in his elaborate and well maintained moustache.

Physical quirks

Diezmar is always in motion, whether he is pacing, flexing, or merely using his massive physical presence to intimidate others. Though his face is hidden by his eyebrows and moustache, when he is nervous or tense, his motions speed up.

Special abilities

Though he may seem superhuman, Diezmar is unusual among monks for not using any special abilities or powers. Though he lacks either the desire or ability to learn the elemental nullification of many of his subordinates, he uses his pure physical power, speed, and durability to be able to take more hits than anyone else in the Church of the Commander while still being stronger and faster.

Apparel & Accessories

Diezmar can rarely be forced into a shirt for long, and has a fondness for jewelry as long as it is taken from defeated opponents. He wears a mismatched pair of earrings and four unique rings, one on each of his middle and ring fingers.

Specialized Equipment

As Diezmar trusts in his own strength above all else, he scorns the use of most weapons or armor in battle. He has been known to use a pair of spiked brass knuckles when pressed into a corner.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Shepard Estragos was a strong, harsh man who had no tolerance for weakness and encouraged his seven children to fight for succession. His youngest, a sickly boy by the name of Diezmar was largely regarded as a born loser, and had neither supporters nor a future ahead of him. He was entered into the Church of the Commander's training facilities at a young age, with the intent of training him to support his older and better siblings. After only ten years, at the age of fifteen, he returned and began rising in his father's esteem through a mix of shadowy conniving, ruthless brutality, and well-timed demonstrations of physical power and martial skill. Merely a week after his father declared him the sole heir to the Estragos house, Shepard fell ill, and soon passed away, making Diezmar one of the most powerful men in Costraña at the age of nineteen.


Extensive Military and Combat Training, allegedly traditional education as well. Allegedly.

Mental Trauma

Was born sickly and weak, the youngest child of seven. Through his own efforts he was able to rise to the top of succession and become one of the strongest men on the continent, and believes that everyone else could do the same if they really wanted to.

Intellectual Characteristics

Capable of thinking pretty well when he needs to, but would rather just use his muscles.

Morality & Philosophy

Magic is a tool for weaklings who can't train their bodies. Weaklings who can't train their bodies should train their bodies. Muscles are power, muscles are beauty, and physical strength is the only type of power that will never desert you.


Hates magic with a passion.

Personality Characteristics


He dreams of a world where muscles are acknowledged as the one true path to power, and everyone focuses on increasing their own physical abilities. Personally, he desires to face ever stronger threats and grow stronger through those fights.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Muscles, Strong Opponents Dislikes: Magic, Tofu, Being Called Bald

Virtues & Personality perks

Though his physical power is overwhelming, his mind is equal to any politician in Castraña or Autierre. While his capability for ruthlessness has aided him in deposing his elder siblings, he is surprisingly friendly towards those who have used their own abilities to reach their position, and downright respectful towards those he views as worthy opponents.

Vices & Personality flaws

Will drop any and everything in order to fight to the death with an opponent who could be stronger than him. Has no mercy towards those he perceives as both weak and unwilling to try to become strong.


Family Ties

Shepard Estragos, Father, Deceased. Renata Estragos, Mother, Alive. Shepard Estragos, Brother, Deceased. Renata Estragos, Sister, Deceased. Julio Estragos, Brother, Missing. Esteban Estragos, Brother, Hospitalized. Maria Estragos, Sister, Deceased. Isabella Estragos, Sister, Missing.

Social Aptitude

Generally disinterested in political maneuvering, except when it relates to the extermination of magic users.

Hobbies & Pets

Enjoys muscle training and sparring.

Wealth & Financial state

Due to taking a portion of all gold mined by criminal mines, Diezmar and the Casa Estragos have no money issues.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Fist of the Commander
Year of Birth
951 ATK 46 Years old
Current Residence
Estragos Manor
Biological Sex
Bright Blue
Quotes & Catchphrases
"To view strength as a means to an end is to condemn yourself to failure. Strength is its own end, and through seeking strength, all else can be obtained."
Aligned Organization
Casa Estragos

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