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Amadeo Leviatán

Fugitive Amadeo (Dead) Leviatán (a.k.a. The Ex Pope)

He's the man, has no plan, he either makes it up as it goes or has it served to him on a plate. Doesn't turn out well most of the time. But hey. It worked out once so why even try anything else. His family migrated from Autierre to Costraña for who knows what reason, honestly, and got him engaged. Right before his wedding he decided to join the Orderna monks because there was a hot gardener one in the local church, but he was too dumb for the scientific work so he kept getting promoted to be used as a puppet for other members of the curch. The bigger the position the less actual work he's gotta do so he's pretty happy with that. He got to be Pope and that was cool and all but there was a coup and a murder attempt so now he's escaped to the seas to live life as a pirate. Because he's been accused of having magic as part of the dethronement conspiracy, he's wanted for treason. Nice!   Oh, he got shot, too, boo. Booooooooooooo. The world will mourn him.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

r i p p e d

Identifying Characteristics

dumbass, hot

Apparel & Accessories

Kept the papal cape and necklace after banishment

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Right as he turned 18 in the land of Costraña he was immediately engaged to a lovely girl called Prudencia with those like super elaborate curls in her hair. She was nice enough but this was completely arranged by Amadeo's family and he didn't really wanna marry her so he just cut contact and fled to a monastery, as you do. During his time as Pope he had 2 larger than life secret nude paintings done of him and he sent them away to a dungeon for them to be unveiled and hung up at his funeral, so everyone would remember the beauty he possessed in his youth. He assumed he'd die old but now he's wanted so we'll see how that plan goes


absolute costrañan dance GOD   Ex-host of SATURDAY SALSA NIGHTS WITH THE POPE a major church fundraiser

Accomplishments & Achievements

Was Pope. Published his first and last scientific paper during his time at the monastery and it's considered a disgrace to the Church

Failures & Embarrassments

Possesses no actual sense of shame. showed up to breakfast without pants once

Mental Trauma

often rejected by everyone. which makes no sense i did not shove all those points into the attractiveness stat for nothing

Intellectual Characteristics

null. none. zero

Morality & Philosophy

horny on main

Personality Characteristics


unpredictable. changes like the wind


impeccable hair washing/brushing routine. gathers it back with a silk ribbon on special occasions


Religious Views

Devoted to the Church of Orderna. Throws rocks through other churches' stained glass

Wealth & Financial state

Got accustomed to luxury during his time as Pope, also stole donations upon fleeing but only what fit into his small sweaty fists so there's that

Year of Birth
971 ATK 26 Years old
Goth   Top
Prominent widow's peak (as is fashionable) and that like 90's haircut with the middle part you know the one. Anyways his hair's black
Not that tall but he thinks he is
Super welterweight
Quotes & Catchphrases
Bitch. ocassionally Wench

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Last Will and Testament of Amadeo el Sigiloso (transcription)

Last Will and Testament



Amadeo L el Sigiloso


Finding myself of sound disposing mind & memory, I hereby begin this document.


I lived a number of good, Slutty years, and for these I Thank.


A few requests, before beginning. This reading shall be open-doors; by preference in my holy workplace (former), a Theater or an open foyer, if possible. Luxury. Drama. To my memory.

I also request every named person to weep, Cry or Bawl upon naming.


Let us begin.


To my ex-fiancé, Priscilla, (?) (I forget), I leave:


My Apologies


I have said previously that it was the call of religion that came between us; but now that I'm deceased I can say it is lies. It was homosexuality. My friend Dr. Adelaide, finds herself in the same situation, though, and I believe you'll find her quite nice.


To [INTELLIGIBLE] you know who you are. You broke my heart & betrayed me for cheap coin. Yet I still cannot bring myself to hate you enough.


I still do, though. Wench.


To my crew I leave thanks, & a few gifts.


To Cptn. Ass Ash & Andrea Gondolucci, PH.D I leave my last remaining nude portrait. View it together ;-)


To Dr. Adelaide I leave my last remaining coins, to purchase Oranges. Deter scurvy.


To the flame priest I leave my spirit juice or whatever.


To Guiliam Geilleme Gulam nevermind. You were hot.


To Lucy Shootemup, a gain and a I II II L, I give my papal cape & necklace but ask you to return the nude to Andrea. Make good to the name of

The Holy Church of Orderna

(death to nonbelievers)


To Saber Sabiduría. [Original document presents hearts dotting i's]


In dreams, we will dance.


Ah, Saber. Our skirmish mirrors the eternal one: of that which is holy against all that is not, of good and of its absence. But in their very nature of discordance it is written that they will always find each other; here in this balance lays swaddled the essence of the very universe.


This is how I choose to view us; greater than ourselves yet nothing but. Perhaps, in a kinder world, we would've been allowed to be...




I have no other end to that sentence. Farewell, for now. This is not the last of me, if Orderna is right.




To Mariana Leviatán.


Did you ever love me, sister? any of us? I could never tell.






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Ghost Bastard
5 Dec, 2018 17:11

Dumbass representation. ur doing gods work, Emilia

7 Dec, 2018 22:11

thank yuo maddy i am as you know a VBD community (very big dumbass community) ally

23 Dec, 2018 21:46