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A Frank and Complete Account of the Expeditions of Alberto Mercachifle

"Truly, sirs and madams, The Nameless Continent is a land that is smelled long before it is seen. First one catches the faint whiff of smoke, like a wildfire, burning so far and wide that its scent extends to the very sea itself. Then comes the sulfur, like a thick miasma, burning the eyes and lungs with its acidic touch. Finally, the smoke, at last visible, creeping over the horizon, tainting the blue sky and seeming to turn the very world to darkness."   A book published by Alberto Mercachifle upon his return to CostraƱa from his expeditions to The Nameless Continent (South). Many Altinian legends of The Nameless Continent originate here, including those of Riquezas Perdidas and The Jaw of Uth'rakt.

Journal, Scientific
The Pool of Eternity
The Nameless Continent (South)
Signatories (Characters)
Signatories (Organizations)

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