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Sea of Eternal Calm

Between the East and West a great aquatic divide exists. This divide is called by several names; the Sea of Eternal Calm, The Silent Sea, or the Sea of Giants. Its names come from the impossible nature of its waters; the surface remains absolutely still unless something disturbs it and no wind blows across it, the gale simply dies when it reaches near the outlying reaches of this sea. It is also the most populous sea to find Sea Giants, monstrous sea creatures that live in its depths. Huge beyond belief, these creatures seem to treat the waters as their own personal territory and that itself is split up amongst the varying species of sea monsters. Unfortunate souls who blunder into the sea and subsequently trapped there are seen as threats to the creatures’ territory and are dealt with accordingly no matter how small a craft it may be. The Thalassian Empire once had the ability to safely cross the still waters but the technique was lost with the collapse of the nation. All knowledge of the waters and lands beyond the silent sea was lost for many, many years. Then the route through Serpent Rock was discovered and the Westward Current was found and explorers rushed to rediscover the New World beyond.
The unmoving waters and enormous creatures that dwell beneath it are wonders on their own but a highly isolated society in the center of the ocean is just as incredible to behold. The Mikana Kingdom is a small land situated on four islands around a little cove. Once they were fishermen who lived on the western shores of what is now Pelagia but a great cataclysmic event occurred which hurled them into the middle of the Sea of Eternal Calm. The people here have some of the oldest written records in history, and detail something ominously called The Long Darkness, which correlates with the Elestian scholarly theory called the "Dead Millenium".
The survivors of the disaster founded what would become the Mikana Kingdom and their own culture deviated greatly from those who still remained in Elestia. They also developed their own technique for traversing the still waters,kazetachi saitoru, the Way of the Wind Sword. No explorer from Elestia has set foot on this mystical land but its own explorers have ventured forth to see what remained of the old world. They were surprised to even find other peoples, believing for centuries that they themselves were the only ones who survived what they refer to as the Ascension. They also seem to have a strangely peaceful relationship with the sea monsters of the Eternal Calm, almost a friendship, believed to have come about by the creatures getting used to the small people on the islands with their small ships which are so unlike the great and sturdy warships and merchantmen of Elestia which occasionally end up in the Eno Odayaka; the name the Mikans have for the Eternal Calm. So much is still unknown of this most mysterious of seas but with luck, one day our explorers may find the Mikana Kingdom and learn the secrets these mysterious wind warriors have held for so long a time.
Alternative Name(s)
Sea of Giants, The Silent Sea


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